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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
Can anything be bad?
Simon T
Posts: 8666
Posted: 12-Jul-2008 15:23
On Lori Watson's Blog ( she has a post on Goodness. In a previous email from her about a musician's music she asked if I thought the persons music was good. I answered this way...

"Sounds really great (first clip on website)!...Is it any good? Who knows. It tends on the perspective I suppose. From the performers point of view – if he is happy with it that is all that counts. I think you should only make music for yourself and if you believe in the end product that’s the most important thing. If the public like it and buy it in its millions that’s an aside. ‘What makes something good’ is too wide a question...Maybe the question should be ‘Can anything be bad’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Does anyone else have opinions on this?

Posts: 182
Posted: 12-Jul-2008 16:24
Now that's the kind of question that can cause serious arguments!
Things can definately be bad but again it is all about your preferences. You can get bad (technically) musicians who produce some great music and bad musicians producing bad music. For me the biggest crime is good musicians producing bad music. I wont mention any names.
Simon T
Posts: 8666
Posted: 12-Jul-2008 17:23
But what is bad music? Is their any music out there that will appeal to absolutely no-one?
Posts: 182
Posted: 12-Jul-2008 18:51
Try having a wee trawl around myspace. There are so many truly awful bands putting their demos on their pages. There is some really, really bad music out there.
Simon T
Posts: 8666
Posted: 12-Jul-2008 22:00
In you opinion not theirs :)
Posts: 1647
Posted: 12-Jul-2008 22:16
On the subject of terrible bands or musicians there was a great "levelling ," which took place about 25 years ago, which helped the bad musician at least get closer to what good musicians had always been able to do.

Thanks to this wonderful bit of technology they sounded better than they had before. Any guesses as to what this miraculous device was?

Simon Chadwick
Posts: 383
Posted: 13-Jul-2008 00:32
extended opening hours and cheaper drinks?
Jack Campin
Posts: 1785
Posted: 13-Jul-2008 01:23
Lori, are you offering to do a duet with this guy?...

If so I think I'll nominate you to become the patron saint of postmodernism.

Posts: 135
Posted: 13-Jul-2008 21:04
very good jack, you've outdone yersel there. tears of hilarity.

I do like a challenge mind you...

the cat
Posts: 687
Posted: 15-Jul-2008 11:21
I think Jack has proved what most sane people know....there is bad music. Things that genuinely make you cringe, Scottish folk music is a commonly used hiding place for the musically inept and severe bad taste. Nothing against either poor musicianship or bad taste but with some of the easy marketing opportunities available today then yes IMO, music can be bad, sometimes VERY bad.
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