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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
The Glasgow Show 2008 26th and 27th
Jim King
Posts: 1086
Posted: 19-Jun-2008 13:21

Just advance notice of this big event on Glasgow Green. This year the Folk and Acoustic Zone is being co-presented by the City Council and SongWright (Glasgow Festival Of Songwriting).

The line-up is as follows:

Christine Bovill and Catriona Molver
The Paul McKenna Band
Claire and Gavin Livingstone
Dave Gibb

With myself as compere, front man, filler-in and general dog'sbody.

Details will be posted soon on the city council's website and on SongWright's website. I'll post more when I have it regarding prices and times.

Posts: 12842
Posted: 01-Jul-2008 11:48
Good line up.
Guilty Undertaker
Posts: 166
Posted: 01-Jul-2008 12:01
Great line-up. Hope you have a good sound engineer.
Jim King
Posts: 1086
Posted: 01-Jul-2008 13:25
Oh yes, very good sound engineer.

More info available now...

* Venue: Glasgow Green
* Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 July 2008
* 12.00pm - 5.30pm
* Includes The Glasgow Show Parade leaving from George Square at 11.30am on the Saturday.


Ticket costs are as follows.

* £1 (Young Scot/Kidz card)
* £2 Concessions
* £3 Adult
* £6 Four person family ticket (2 adults/2 children)
* £10 Four person weekend pass (2 adults/2 children)

Tickets will be available to buy online via this * website from Friday 4th July, and at the gate on the day of the event.

The Folk and Acoustic Zone is to the east of The Wintergardens. Show starts around 12.30.


Posts: 2596
Posted: 01-Jul-2008 15:32
Great Prices and great bill, hope to see this.

Some people on here might say that your artistes don't make a living.

Singing the traditional music of the people at prices all the people can afford. Excellent!

As I stated often Traditional Folk music was supposed to be about the people for the people, not for financial whizz kid movers and shakers to vastly gain from.

Posts: 2596
Posted: 01-Jul-2008 16:41
Speak Of The Devil....

On ye go, you know who you are, get intae my tax money. They canny give the Police a pay rise yet......

I will add I have no problem with the youth development side of it, however established artistes should stand on their own two feet and stop robbing my tax and insurance money.

Watch over the next year for the IN word for 'Stand and Deliver' , it will have 'Homecoming' attached to it.

Jim King
Posts: 1086
Posted: 01-Jul-2008 17:02
All the artists are getting paid a good rate. The gig is underwritten by Glasga Cooncil.

It's a shame that they don't invest in more such events but I'm (with the help of some chums) working on it.

Jim King
Posts: 1086
Posted: 04-Jul-2008 14:29
They've updated the website with more info about the rest of the Glasgow Show, but somehow missed mentioning Dave Gibb and Catriona Molver (I have let them know of their error).

But it's a great weekend and as boula2 says, great value.

And don't miss "Also this year we will be incorporating the Scottish National Sweet Pea, Rose and carnation Society’s annual Flower Show".

Jim King
Posts: 1086
Posted: 08-Jul-2008 12:01
Further information is now available at the SongWright website...

Posts: 12842
Posted: 09-Jul-2008 10:38
A wee bit more info here>
Jim King
Posts: 1086
Posted: 17-Jul-2008 12:38
They still haven't corrected the council website regarding the list of performers. Rest assured that the list I posted still stands.

If you are a believer, pray for clement weather, otherwise keep your fingers crossed and bring a brolly ;¬D

Jim King
Posts: 1086
Posted: 21-Jul-2008 21:18
It comes round so fast.

Just a gentle reminder, this has got to be one of the best folky shows this summer and it's next Saturday and Sunday!!!

Posts: 129
Posted: 24-Jul-2008 16:41
Ally H
Posts: 212
Posted: 24-Jul-2008 18:52
With the weather in Glasgow being as lovely as it is right now and with such an excellent line-up as this on offer, Saturday in The Folk Zone sounds like a perfect day out to me. See you guys there!
Posts: 784
Posted: 25-Jul-2008 09:36
I'll definately be there! Do we still have to smuggle the champagne in, in ginger boatles Jim?
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