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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
Mary Catherine MacNeil
Posts: 172
Posted: 04-Nov-2008 10:02
Anybody got any idea where I can get a copy of Mary Catherine MacNeil's album, 'Sonas'?
Posts: 70
Posted: 04-Nov-2008 11:17
You can definately get it from the music shop and several other retailers in and around Oban but not sure if it's available online.
Posts: 480
Posted: 04-Nov-2008 11:23
Definitely....definitely...DEFIN IT ELY....
Posts: 247
Posted: 04-Nov-2008 11:29
...or from the butcher in Castlebay - that's where I bought mine.
Posts: 172
Posted: 04-Nov-2008 13:08
Tapadh leibh a' chairdean. I'll definitely have to head for the Mòd next year then...
Posts: 4
Posted: 06-Dec-2008 23:02
Dear miss-g

I bought my "Sonas"CD from Mary Catherine Macneil herself at McTavish in Oban.
Mary Catherine Macneil is now fundraiser for the MOD 2009 maybe is that the way to reach her
If its not possibly than i have a phonenumber for you, but i think its not the right way to give that on the internet.


Posts: 1290
Posted: 07-Dec-2008 03:14
..."...or from the butcher in Castlebay - that's where I bought mine."... love it! LOL!
Posts: 172
Posted: 08-Dec-2008 11:10
Thanks BBas. If I pass my e-mail address on to Elizabeth, you could pass the number to her? Although, I've never been to Barra, I don't think a trip to the butchers is reason enough to go....
Posts: 435
Posted: 08-Dec-2008 14:02
Any reason is a good enough reason to go to barra in my booK!
Posts: 9
Posted: 08-Dec-2008 16:15
Someone hasn't been to Barra - Shame. you really should.
Posts: 307
Posted: 08-Dec-2008 16:31


I like your name. How on earth did you think of that one?

Is it for sale?

and whats your name?

Posts: 4
Posted: 10-Dec-2008 20:10
Dear Miss-g

I'm mailing from The Netherlands and this is the second time that i react to a question
The only Elizabeth i now is your Queen.
And I've got no connexion to her.
If you be so kind to be more clearly about your Elizabeth i be glad to give her the Phonenumber.
It is the number on the CD "Sonas"

I hear from You

Posts: 1290
Posted: 11-Dec-2008 04:33
Relax bbass, miss-g is referring to our Forum Moderator Elizabeth, (no Royal connections as far as we know).
If you pass her your details via... ...she will pass them on to miss-g.
Have fun you two!
Posts: 247
Posted: 11-Dec-2008 08:41
Blue Bandana - couldn't agree more!
Posts: 4
Posted: 14-Dec-2008 14:24
Thanks FrankC for this important information
Posts: 9
Posted: 25-Dec-2008 19:48
Good imagination thats all i'm saying. - no its priceless. just like me!
And if you haven't been to barra then you won't get the "butcher" thing.
go and find out.

merry christmas,
the one and only teuchstar.

Posts: 36
Posted: 03-Jan-2009 20:58
a notice on the door of the butchers many years ago which said, SORRY NO HOME KILL TODAY KILLING MYSELF TOMORROW
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