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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
Clash of the Hogmanay programmes
Simon T
Posts: 8666
Posted: 01-Jan-2009 23:24
Anyone catch them? I thought the BBC Alba one was great ( while the usual BBC fair was not so happening (
Posts: 87
Posted: 01-Jan-2009 23:58
I watched both. As I don't speak the lingo I watched BBC1 when all the talking was on and Alba when the pop and talking was on BBC1. It worked quite well. Also Alba's programme went on much longer.

In the rare moments when I wanted neither I watched a video of the Julie Fowlis programme from a few days ago.

It was ideal. That, some good beer, nice whisky and my family, made for a very good Hogmanay.

ps. I bought your CD for a concertina-playing friend down here for his Christmas and he was delighted with it - just thought you'd like the positive feed-back!

Posts: 14820
Posted: 02-Jan-2009 11:06
I've still to watch the BBC Alba broadcast in its entirety although the first few minutes seem quite pleasant. Although it appears to be a "lower budget" production, it comes over as being very "homely".

Unfortunately, I've now watched the whole of the BBC Scotland show and have to say that it's probably the worst one yet. After last year, that takes some doing. :-(

Posts: 7970
Posted: 02-Jan-2009 11:53
I've yet to see the BBC Alba Hogmanay prog that Simon has given the link for. I have watched the Na Trad 2 show and thoroughly enjoyed it.
The Chair - Winner best 'Folk band' opened and closed the show were on fine form. A special mention for Duncan Chisholm -Winner for Best album 'Farrar'- the slow piece with Iain MacFarlane playing harmony was exquisite.

The live BBC Hogmanay Show was poor. The links were ragged and the sound wasn't good. The Leon laddie fought a losing battle with Auld Lang Syne - he seemed to have been given the wrong key. Sharleen Spiteri wasn’t that happy either and the pipe band didn’t fit their allotted space. Actually no-one was looking comfortable apart from Phil Cunningham. Jackie Bird had that manic determinedly ‘isn’t this great’ look. It didn’t work for me - I thought the liveliest bit was the Canadian dancer with the rubber legs.

Posts: 1670
Posted: 02-Jan-2009 12:24
I agree with comments made by Elizabeth re the BBC show which was characterised by lack of imagination,shocking musical direction and indiffernent performances.All the resources were there but they still managed to botch it -no wonder the credits(Discredits!)flew along the bottom of the screen at high speed!Time for a revamp and change.Surely Leon deserved a backing group rather than a tape!
BBC Alba was interesting ,great music and plenty of variation and flair.Morag and Tony managed the links with ease -Jackie please note how it can be done! Congratulations to the BBC Alba team !
Posts: 1766
Posted: 02-Jan-2009 12:54
Been watching the tv. BBC sound total guff and yet the BBC Alba sound was fab,
Some of the Gaels will soon be millionaires cos they are on every programme.

I wrote this on another thread whilst watching and messaging my pals from foreign airts!

Still hold by it and also agree with all Elizabeth wrote.
What a great programme it could be if the BBC would stop bringing in wanna be and used to be pop stars.
Find another time to promote them and stick to quality Scottish and trad.

Posts: 154
Posted: 02-Jan-2009 13:22
I had to smile at the comment from Elizabeth;

"Jackie Bird had that manic determinedly ‘isn’t this great’ look."

I watched it on iPlayer yesterday and was thinking exactly that. Time to put her out of the obvious misery that she is in.

Also, I couldn't agree more with bigmooth;

"stick to quality Scottish and trad".

Posts: 1670
Posted: 02-Jan-2009 13:41
I would also suggest that the blonde singer /dancer from BBC Alba (archives) would have been a sensation on X Factor or whatever it is called!!

On a serious musical note,Scot Annie Lennox was also in great form on "Jools "which was a good show with all the right elements blended together.

Posts: 7970
Posted: 02-Jan-2009 14:46
( on the iplayer.

I've been watching the BBC Alba programme - very, very good. Fab music and musicians all round including the Julie Fowlis Band with Duncan Chisholm, Margaret Stewart with Allan & Iain MacDonald, Allan Henderson, Griogair Lawrie, Norrie MacIver, step dancer John Sikorski and, a first chance (for me at least) to see the group Na-oganaich!
I appreciated the subtitles where they had them but missed them greatly in fairly long conversation bits although I understand how difficult it would have been to provide them. I'm glad I stuck with it though, because Norman MacLean's reminiscenses with little bits of early film of various Gaelic singers and musicians was fascinating. Also, I'm pretty sure that in the bit featuring the wickedly funny Seasaidh Lexy, her Gaelglish mix had something to say about the Foot Stompin Forum! (about 52 mins into the programme).
A much better show altogether than the BBC 1 offering.

Posts: 14820
Posted: 02-Jan-2009 15:10
The archive material is very interesting. Nice to see the old Ossian clip too.
highland laddie
Posts: 58
Posted: 02-Jan-2009 15:41
I thought most of the BBC Alba hogmanay programme was excellent and it reminded me of the good old days when we had good music and dancing instead of the rubbish served up nowadays . Well done BBC Alba
Posts: 1647
Posted: 02-Jan-2009 16:17
BBC Hogmanay show - started of like world-beaters with the house band and the pipe band combined and went rapidly down hill.

Subtract Leon Jackson who was obviously in the wrong key for his dreadful version of Auld Lang Zzzzyne and let's lose Charleen Spiteri. Why on earth have Emily Smith on this show backing the aforementioned Leon Jackson, and just playing the accordian? She would have been better utilised singing a couple of songs in the time that was alloted to the completely over-rated Sharleen Spiteri.

The problem is - they are trying to appeal to all sectors of the audience and pleasing none. Hogmanay is Scottish - let's keep it that way. The BBC have to face the fact that those who might like their more "pop," orentated guests aren't there anyway. Most are out at the pub having a good time and not watching the telly.

kris d
Posts: 210
Posted: 02-Jan-2009 16:35
"I thought most of the BBC Alba hogmanay programme was excellent and it reminded me of the good old days when we had good music and dancing instead of the rubbish served up nowadays ."

This sentence bother anyone else?

Posts: 79
Posted: 02-Jan-2009 16:36
Yeah the issue is that the BBC are trying to be seen as reaching out to a varied audience over the festive period. However, the kind of people that would be wanting to see for example Leon Jackson, Sandi Thom etc are going to be at Street Parties and/or clubs anyway, so there is a serious problem here!
Posts: 12842
Posted: 03-Jan-2009 15:57
As I said a couple of years ago

1) it's now 'traditional' for Hogmanay TV to be a disgrace (I'd have said sh*te, but I've been edited already tonight, and I'm on a yellow card) but console yourself in the knowledge that the only people at home watching it are ******** who treat it as a highlight of the year. and

2) The truly amazing thing is that the BBC feel the need to produce a show every year.

A bit of judicious editing and the average ******** sitting at home would happily watch last years show be none the wiser.

* distasteful comments removed by forum admin
Ah yes.... 2009 and you start it off again insulting huge swathes of the population.

Posts: 1670
Posted: 03-Jan-2009 16:47
The debate about the failings of the BBC again at Hogmanay drops well down in significance as we witness the potentially dangerous situation in the Middle East and we hear the plea of protestors for diplomacy and a measure of sanity.Post below relates to my comment and the thread
kris d
Posts: 210
Posted: 03-Jan-2009 18:27
Is the word bleeped out of onnys last post "onanists"?
Posts: 1670
Posted: 03-Jan-2009 19:43
Simon Chadwick
Posts: 383
Posted: 04-Jan-2009 00:06
Kris d, I don't think Unionism is meant to be a distasteful political persuasion.
kris d
Posts: 210
Posted: 04-Jan-2009 00:58
Your specs or my spelling ?)
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