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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
Leith Folk Club's programme for January 2009
Posts: 7970
Posted: 05-Jan-2009 15:31
George Duff and Tim O'Leary (£6) Tuesday 13 January 2009
A nice easy going start to 2009 - a relaxed evening of traditional fiddle, guitar and song from George and Tim.

Linda McRae (£8) Tuesday 20th January 2009
Some of the blowziest country blooze you'll hear in a tune's age. You'll want to devour it with a fork, but use a spoon instead - you'll want to get every drop. Mmm mmm good!

Kent Duchaine (£8) Tuesday 27 January 2009
With his beloved Leadbessie, a seventy year old National resonator guitar, Kent is keeping alive the blues of the Mississippi Delta in his own ferociously powerful style.

All performances at The Village, South Fort Street, Edinburgh EH6 4DN
Time: doors 7.30 for an 8pm start
Tickets: at the door, reserve from our website

Posts: 1060
Posted: 05-Jan-2009 17:45
I think you mean 2009 Elizabeth.
Marty F
Posts: 409
Posted: 06-Jan-2009 18:43
Don't blame Elizabeth - I got it wrong in the original press release...
Posts: 7970
Posted: 06-Jan-2009 18:59
I've changed it in the thread title.
chanter 1
Posts: 10
Posted: 09-Jan-2009 11:48
Relaxed?,relaxed is it?,Ah'll tell ye this boy, ah'm no relaxed,huv ye tried playin along wi some o' they tunes that Tim O'Leary plays?,bluidy keys ah've never heard o' never mind played in an time signatures ah cannae add up never mind keep time wi'.
Out of Rab C mode, I'm really looking forward to playing Leith Folk Club on Tuesday with Tim and hope to see some of you there.
Posts: 1536
Posted: 13-Jan-2009 15:59
Posts: 171
Posted: 14-Jan-2009 20:09
I was hearing today that the good old boys of Leith Folk Club have the mighty Peter Case booked for a date in February. Now that's something worth making an extra effort for!
Posts: 576
Posted: 14-Jan-2009 22:47
I caught Peter Case when he appeared at the Royal West of Scotland Boat Club in Greenock last year.
He was absolutely and completely, the best 'live' performer I have ever seen.
A giant of a man and a huge presence.
He said he'd be back so I'm hoping he keeps his promise and I don't have to traipse through to Leith.
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