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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
Hand movements
Simon T
Posts: 8666
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 10:02
Anyone notice the array of hand movements on display on Auld Lang Syne TV programme last night? Eddi and Karen M are obviously old masters at it but I noticed the Emily Smith had joined the frae. What's next toe curls?
nic a' phlutes
Posts: 2289
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 10:05
Have you been looking at my Facebook status?!! Hehehe....
blues x man
Posts: 982
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 10:07

Put a paint brush and an easel in front of them, take the pictures from it, and sell them at CC 2010. Then keep the money.
Posts: 12842
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 10:22
It's been suggested elsewhere that it's British Sign Language. Toe curling seems quite an appropriate comment.
nic a' phlutes
Posts: 2289
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 10:35
It's the invisible fiddle that does it for me
Posts: 732
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 10:41
There is, of course, a long and honoured tradition of playing "air guitar" in rock circles - perhaps "air fiddle" could be the folk equivalent?
nic a' phlutes
Posts: 2289
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 10:44
'Take me down to the Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls sing Burns' ditties.'

Cue air-harp, air-bagpipe and air-accordian.

Posts: 732
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 10:53
If I could only think of a rhyme for "ditties", I'd take that further. :-)
Posts: 26
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 11:02
I've met a few air banjo players.
Posts: 7970
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 11:18
Karen M was playing one-handed boogie-woogie air-piano and Eddi was clearly directing the traffic.
Simon T
Posts: 8666
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 11:25
It was a great moment when Eddi started to dance with Emily Smith. I wondered if they rehearsed that!
thats yer boay
Posts: 158
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 11:46
I think Cathy Jordan started it all,at least when she stops gesticulating she grabs a bodhran mandola or whistle.Cracking gig in the strathclyde suite last night.
Posts: 1670
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 11:52
I presented the theory here long ago that singers started hand movements because their neurons were getting upset by having to process the impact of the backing-jarring,too loud ,chord complexity etc.I think it might have applied to Karen sometimes because she can have a fairly intrusive intricate and complex conglomeration of sounds behind her.In saying that I would maintain that her voice is just great and she could sing about assembling an Ikea wardrobe and I would enjoy it.I could produce a scientific argument for this but I wont bore you with it.Eddi also has a super voice but I cannot make any sense of these swoops and gestures-Kagan beat me to it with the air fiddle term.
On another issue I wondered what hand movements Dick Gaughan might have displayed if Donald had startted to elaborate on his sporadic chord additions on the keyboard to "Westlin Wind"-a wonderful song.a wonderful singer and only Dicks guitar was required -any other addition was intrusive and bad musicaljudgement
Posts: 12842
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 11:56
Haud the bus!!!!!!!!!!!

Dick Gaughan was being 'accompanied' on Westlin Wind by Donald (presumably Shaw?)

Why on earth was this?

Posts: 1670
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 12:07
i should have said " distracted" rather than accompanied while appreciating fully that Donald Shaw has substantial experience and skills.Horses for courses -Dick does not need keyboards for that song!
Posts: 122
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 12:11
"impact of the backing-jarring,too loud ,chord complexity etc."
Right. Can someone out of the whole gang please explain this to me. what is it thats offensive in the backing??????
the sentence quoted above is utter nonsense, can we please have someone who actually knows what they're talking about explain what this thing is? and how the chords/backingjarry/instrumentthingiesarespoilingeverythingforeveryone stuff actually works.
Are there too many notes in the chords perhaps? should we limit them to two at a time and avoid 3rds?
could we decide on a maximum number of chords per 4 bars? oh maybe we should ban relative minors?
what about dominant 7ths? dont like them? right out they go!
Enough cowardice, explain youselves whingymcwhingers. Or are you just moaning for the sake of it?
Posts: 14820
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 12:24
Well, I just have to say that I think it's quite "unbecoming" of our Simon to instigate such a potentially negative discussion. :-)

Surely, it's the music and song which is important. Tee hee.

Posts: 79
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 12:35
It is the chords that make the music! So to say they are too complex is complete rubbish, at least what was going on in the background semi covered up the mess that was going on at the microphone!

And most importantaly, hand movements = complete rubbish, just tie their arms down

Posts: 122
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 12:41
Sometimes thats true, i want to hear actual practical solutions to the problems the instrument bashers have from the mouths of the problem makers. Its really easy to stand around and tell other people they're doing it all wrong.
Sick of it. Cowards and ignorant
Posts: 1670
Posted: 26-Jan-2009 12:50
I prefaced my comments about hand movements with the notion of a possible theory as to why singers start to make hand gestures-as a stress reaction to overload- while centre stage at the mic.I refer you to the following as a basic reading list on this topic:

This is your Brain on Music Daniel Levitin
Musophilia Oliver Sachs
Effortless Mastery Kenny Werner
A users Guide to the Brain John Ratey
The CIRMMT centre for music research in Montreal with which I am associated is currently conducting a wide range of research initiatives into factors affecting musical/vocal performance and my hypothesis re these spontaneous gestures fits into this approach."Affected "gestures are another matter!!
Before you have another rant check out the CIRMMT website and do not misconstrue my intentions so easily -I can approach this issue as a neuroscientist with an interest in music because that is what I do. but I will not inflict academic references in profusion on this particular thread .The basic question I posed is a scientific one and based on observation -Karen performs less gestures when the backing is simple and quiet and she is at her best as the great vocalist she is when that is the case.I think Eddi is a very good singer and she appears incredibly focused on stage -the hand gestures are a complemnetary feature /habit /need to add more expression.It is interesting that Emily started to mimic some of these gestures --all fascinating stuff for the scientist.
I can also analyse your bullying bluster(!!) but I will leave that to the tone of your nest post

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