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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
Rigs o' rye
Cockinny Voice
Posts: 32
Posted: 26-Jan-2012 15:24
Does anybody know a version of "Rigs o' Rye" where the guy isn't such a b* to the lassie? Thirty-five versions in Greig-Duncan and they're much of a muchness.
Posts: 3461
Posted: 26-Jan-2012 16:33
Short answer - no!
Posts: 3461
Posted: 26-Jan-2012 22:03
I've had a rake through my recordings of Rigs O Rye, Cockinny Voice, and, sadly, they all have him telling her he'll not take her without a dowry, she's too weak to climb hills/wade through rivers/get on his horse etc. She should have thumped him and, anyway, what was the narrator doing lurking about fields spying on courting couples anyway?

Still like the song though!

Posts: 3248
Posted: 27-Jan-2012 09:04
Ah, but did she not just burst into tears and get her own way in the end?

One of my favourite versions of this song was actually by an Englishman

but I was a lot more into singer strummers(and pickers, of course) back then. I still enjoy the better exponents of this style though.

Posts: 41
Posted: 27-Jan-2012 17:32
Aye, but no but........;

"Oh, lassie lassie thy will be mine, my words were just for to try yee"

"he's ranged the hill and the valleys O'r, and taken his bonnie lassie wae him"

"They live in Brechin the winter through, and in Montrose in the summer........"

He can't have been that much of a barsett ;~)

Posts: 3461
Posted: 27-Jan-2012 22:01
He made her greet - on purpose!! Of coorse, he was a toerag, and trailing her roond the country without even letting her on the horse, well!
Cockinny Voice
Posts: 32
Posted: 31-Jan-2012 12:46
Is this better, Auld Timer?

Rigs o' Rye (in the third millenium) © Anice Gilland

T’was in the month o sweet July
Afore the sun had pierced the sky
Twas in atween twa rigs o' rye
I heard twa lovers talkin’

The lass said, "Lad, I must away
I hae nae langer time tae stay
But I've a word or two tae say
If ye've the time, tae tarry"

"My hubbie’s at the kitchen sink
An’ ah’m away tae the pub for a drink
He’s cookin’ tea for the bairnies three
An’ then he’s goat tae hoover"

"On Friday nicht’s he steppits in
Hands ower his pay, an’ a bottle o’ gin
If ah’m in a guid mood, I’ll say wi’ a grin
Cam awa’ an’ git yer druther"

Noo this lassie, ha’in it aw set up
Gets awa’ tae the rigs, like a ewe tae a tup
Tae get her oats in the rigs o’ rye
an’ back hame early th’morrer

The laddie’s heid hung doon in shame
He felt a’ yased, he wis numb wi’ pain
His devilish plot was a’ in vain
She’s a’ready trained anither

He watches her skip thru the rigs
For him she disnae gie twa figs
He’s jist a wee bit roll in the twigs
She can a’ways fund anither

Posts: 4
Posted: 03-Feb-2012 08:17
anyone know where to find accordion sheet music for Bill Thompsons farewell to dunblane
Posts: 3461
Posted: 03-Feb-2012 23:15
CV, You are a star!! Would you mind if I nicked that version?
Cockinny Voice
Posts: 32
Posted: 05-Feb-2012 20:13
You talking to me, Auldtimer re Rigs o' Rye?

If so, knock yersel' oot!

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