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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
Top singer to head Bord na Gaidhlig
Posts: 2596
Posted: 26-Feb-2009 15:32
Probably the best man alive to day who could have an attempt at what is probably an impossible job.

As the world opens up its doors more and more each year, sub languages even with all their beauty and history tend to become redundant out with local usage.
With 50,000 Polish, 17,000 Chinese and a not known (but massive) amount of Pakistani/Indian population in Scotland.
The big difference between those mentioned above and Gaelic speakers is that the majority of these people can SPEAK, READ & WRITE in their language. The vast majority of Gaelic speakers DO NOT. The census figures are not worthy as I know that many, many, people who can speak only a few words put their name to the Gaelic Spoken section.

Gaelic is also presently riding high on the current wave of traditional revival, however one must remember that musical and /or cultural styles have revivals and then tend to fade away for decades.
Several prominent Gaelic militants do little to endear the outsider to the language and
opening up the clique/ luvvie groups which run a closed shop and embrace cronyism is a must. These need to be recognised and dealt with or surely survival can only be limited.

The much hoped recent saviour of the language BBC Alba will have a fight on its hands when the digital era/switchover covers the whole country by 2011. Some hundreds of channels will be available and BBC Alba could easily disappear when other cultures and languages appear en masse in our living rooms.

In the words of a famous soldiers Grandfather who had a chip shop on the Island Of Barra, We’re Doomed! We’re Doomed!
Arthur is no fool Captain George Mainwaring but he still has a war to win, something to protect and hardest of all…… to deal with an odd assortment of characters.

Good Luck

nic a' phlutes
Posts: 2289
Posted: 26-Feb-2009 15:46
Congrats Arthur!!

Who will be the Baldrick to Bord na Gaidhlig's Blackadder? Or Captain Darling for that matter?!

I think I'd rather be selling cd's myself ;-) I do have many cunning plans however.

Posts: 1670
Posted: 26-Feb-2009 15:51
Why does Ryno have no role in your fantasy then?
nic a' phlutes
Posts: 2289
Posted: 26-Feb-2009 15:56
He could be General Melchett!!

Niseachs are above and beyond playing silly games anyway, I doubt he'd want to participate in this.

Go Forth! (and multiply)

Posts: 1670
Posted: 26-Feb-2009 16:00
He has a torrid imagination and I think the fantasy would grow arms and legs -the Niseachs are worth the watching when the imagination gets going
nic a' phlutes
Posts: 2289
Posted: 26-Feb-2009 16:04
Yes, they stink of ceann cropaig mixed with guga too, those fantasising Niseachs. Get rid of the lot of them I say.
Posts: 1670
Posted: 26-Feb-2009 16:08
A kind of nisseach cleansing then -sounds drastic
I think someone got an enterprise grant to distill these ingredient s to make a new male deodorant -a macho Hebridean answer to L>>X it was being field tested at the Highland Annual but the results have not been announced yet !
Posts: 51
Posted: 26-Feb-2009 19:38
MR Cormack is as sound as a pound but even he has a huge job on his hands to bring BNG into the realms of reality and sensibility and put Gaelic money to better use instead of splashing it about on the rubbish web pages of the gaelic equivilant of facebook. which is a joke!

domhnall M
Posts: 74
Posted: 26-Feb-2009 20:02
Are there any parallels between the proliferation of gaelic bodies in Scotland (bord na gaidhlig, an comunn gaidhealachd, comann na gaidhlic, etc,) and the proliferation of football authorities in Scotland (SFA, SPL, SFA, SAFA, etc)? Scottish football has been underperforming for years, with each body seeking to protect their own interests, rather than looking towards the common good of the game.

Is having a plethora of bodies as effective as one overall body? Thoughts please...

PS, congratulations to Arthur. A real good guy, with a passion for gaelic.

Posts: 279
Posted: 26-Feb-2009 20:27
I am told by relations who live in the Western Isles that the Gaelic language is dying very rapidly there especially in the small communities and that work needs to be done quickly on many fronts and with as many people as possible.

The years of neglect and small time paltry and often inappropriate solutions from 1960 unil now is clear for all to see and it is now difficult to know what can be done to alter the situation there.

Let us hope the new Chairman can weave his magic and do more than what has gone before. It seems from the comments made here and the support given, that he is plainly a winner and a strong fisher for Gaelic. Good
And everyone here is going to lend a hand by getting deeply involved in this work.

Posts: 200
Posted: 27-Feb-2009 06:34
Allan Campbell has been a hard act to follow in this position but I wish Mr Cormack all the best. I have no doubt that he will do a good job. Deos this mean that he will have to stand down from Feisean nan Gaidheal and from any other organisations which he is involved in that receive funding from Bord na Gadhlig, to avoid conflict of interest ?
Posts: 168
Posted: 27-Feb-2009 11:25
OOoooooooo..... nic a phlutes!..... lan cac??? Tut-tut! Agree with miss-g - interested needs to read the thread started on RnG and understand that their non-recognition of Mr C (since one can hear him frequently on many of the programmes) does not say much for their knowledge of the radio station!!!!

We even ken him up here in Kaitness - nach sin a tha math!!!! Far a warm welcome awaits 'e BnG meeting wi' 'e Coonsil fowk accordin' til 'e front page o' 'e Groat 'e day! Hid'll be 'e first test methinks!


nic a' phlutes
Posts: 2289
Posted: 27-Feb-2009 11:34
Interested is lan cac (full of c**p for the non Gaelic speakers) if he feels on one hand he can criticise Radio nan Gaidheal and talk about the state of Gaelic but on the other not know who Arthur Cormack is.

That's like saying - I hate Gaelic singing, who invented Gaelic choirs, people shouldn't wear tartan. The Mod? What's that?!

Or, I love Gaelic singing, I really like Skye too, I am a student at the RSAMD. Who is Kenna Campbell?

I like cats, I like atomic things too, and I live in Argyll. Atomaig Piseag, co?!

Posts: 172
Posted: 27-Feb-2009 11:49
I love Footstompin', I post every day. Onny? Who he? Nic a' Phlutes? Never heard of them
nic a' phlutes
Posts: 2289
Posted: 27-Feb-2009 11:59
I think that is a cue for my exit and permanent retirement.
Posts: 172
Posted: 27-Feb-2009 12:15
Och, but we'd miss you and your special take on all things Gaidhlig and folky...
nic a' phlutes
Posts: 2289
Posted: 27-Feb-2009 12:17
Oh go on then, you've twisted my arm, I'll stay - hohoho!
Posts: 172
Posted: 27-Feb-2009 12:51
Whoop, whoop (as my sister says)
the cat
Posts: 687
Posted: 27-Feb-2009 13:28
Interested, do you live in a hut on Scarp?
Posts: 168
Posted: 27-Feb-2009 15:32
Nah - he lives in the signal box at Altnabreac!

Atomic what? Some fandabay-dozy girl band??? Meeeow - how cool is that?? They MUST be good!!


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