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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
Adam McNaughton with Finlay Allison, Edinburgh Folk Club, Wednesday 27th May 2009
Tattie Bogle
Posts: 3849
Posted: 24-May-2009 19:04
Posts: 14820
Posted: 25-May-2009 09:47
What's all this "HATFIELD!!! " nonsense? The lyrics look Scottish enough to me. :-)
Posts: 14820
Posted: 25-May-2009 13:15
Posts: 3248
Posted: 25-May-2009 19:09
-Adam McNaughtan (Tune: "Mason's Apron")

There was this king sitting in his gairden a' alane,
When his brither in his ear poured a wee tate o' henbane.
Then he stole his brither's crown an' his money an' his widow,
But the deid king walked an' goat his son an' said, "Hey, listen, kiddo,
Ah've been kilt an' it's your duty to take revenge on Claudius,
Kill him quick an' clean an' show the nation whit a fraud he is."
The boy says, "Right, Ah'll dae it but Ah'll need to play it crafty -
So that naeb'dy will suspect me, Ah'll kid on that Ah'm a dafty.

So wi' a' excep' Horatio - an' he trusts him as a friend -
Hamlet, that's the boy, kids on he's roon' the bend,
An' because he wis nae ready for obligatory killin',
He tried to make the king think he was tuppence aff the shillin'.
Took the mickey oot Polonius, treatit poor Ophelia vile,
Tellt Rosencrantz an' Guildenstern that Denmark was a jile.
Then a troupe o' travellin' actors like 7.84
Arrived to dae a special wan-night gig in Elsinore.

Hamlet! Hamlet! Loved his mammy!
Hamlet! Hamlet! Acting balmy!
Hamlet! Hamlet! Hesitatin',
Wonders if the ghost's a cheat
An' that is how he's waitin'.

Then Hamlet wrote a scene for the players to enact
While Horatio an' him watch to see if Claudius cracked.
The play was ca'd "The Mousetrap" - no the wan that's runnin' noo -
An' sure enough the king walked oot afore the scene was through.
So Hamlet's got the proof that Claudius gi'ed his da the dose,
The only problem being noo that Claudius knows he knows.
So while Hamlet tells his ma that her new husband's no a fit wan,
Uncle Claud pits oot a contract wi' the English king as hit-man.

Then when Hamlet kilt Polonius, the concealed corpus delecti
Was the king's excuse to send him for an English hempen neck-tie,
Wi' Rosencrantz an' Gildenstern to make sure that he got there,
But Hamlet jumped the boat an' pit the finger on that pair.
Meanwhile Laertes heard his da had been stabbed through the arras.
He came racin' back to Elsinore tout suite, hotfoot frae Paris,
An' Ophelia wi' her da kilt by the man she wished to marry -
Eftir sayin' it wi' flooers, she comittit hari-kari.

Hamlet! Hamlet! Nae messin'!
Hamlet! Hamlet! Learnt his lesson!
Hamlet! Hamlet! Yorick's crust
Convinced him that men, good or bad,
At last must come to dust.

Then Laertes lost the place an' was demandin' retribution,
An' the king says, "Keep the heid an' Ah'll provide ye a solution."
He arranged a sword-fight for the interestit pairties,
Wi' a bluntit sword for Hamlet an' a shairp sword for Laertes.
An' to make things double sure (the auld belt-an'-braces line )
He fixed a poison't sword-tip an' a poison't cup o' wine.
The poison't sword goat Hamlet but Laertes went an' muffed it,
'Cause he got stabbed hissel, an' he confessed afore he snuffed it.

Hamlet's mammy drank the wine an' as her face turnt blue,
Hamlet says, "Ah quite believe the king's a baddy noo."
"Incestuous, treacherous, damned Dane," he said, to be precise,
An' made up for hesitatin' by killin' Claudius twice.
'Cause he stabbed him wi' the sword an' forced the wine atween his lips.
Then he cried, "The rest is silence!" That was Hamlet had his chips.
They fire't a volley over him that shook the topmaist rafter,
An' Fortinbras, knee-deep in Danes, lived happy ever after.

Hamlet! Hamlet! A' the gory!
Hamlet! Hamlet! End of story!
Hamlet! Hamlet! Ah'm away!
If you think this is borin',
Ye should read the bloody play.

Posts: 14820
Posted: 26-May-2009 08:39
Unfortunately, the bl**d* football is on again tomorrow but why not do yourselves a favour and have a nice night out at the Pleasance instead? We'll keep you informed re the score.
Posts: 14820
Posted: 26-May-2009 14:28
Tattie Bogle
Posts: 3849
Posted: 26-May-2009 19:46
You've done a sneaky bit of editing there, JAJ! Your original posting of "Cholesterol" DID show Hatfield instead of Glasgow, and was very much Anglicised, and that's the version they've got on Mudcat!
Posts: 14820
Posted: 27-May-2009 10:20
Never believe everything you read on Mudcat.
It's very much an English Singers' Site although it's fine if you want to know about the latest in pewter tankards. ;-)
Tattie Bogle
Posts: 3849
Posted: 27-May-2009 13:27
Hopefully Adam will have a song to counter the football, and his voice is powerful enough to drown out some of the roars from behind the arras!
Mudcat English? Worldwide, but started in America!
Posts: 14820
Posted: 27-May-2009 13:29
"started in America!"

Ach, that's even worse. ;-)

Posts: 14820
Posted: 27-May-2009 14:03
Tonight's support is believed to be Jake Coogan

I'll try to confirm this. She sounds very good indeed.

Posts: 14820
Posted: 27-May-2009 15:30
Confirmed... Jake Coogan is support!
Posts: 14820
Posted: 27-May-2009 17:55
final bump....
Posts: 784
Posted: 28-May-2009 00:02
I'm sure it was a grand night at EFC but if you missed it and would like to see Adam and Finlay they and Peter Nardini will be performing" Songs in the vernacular" at Partick Folk Festival this Friday 29th in St Peter's Church Hall ,Chancellor St ,Partick,Doors open 7.30 pm £6/4
07709652237 if loast !
Posts: 1766
Posted: 28-May-2009 01:19
Haw Westie, will tickets be required?
Posts: 14820
Posted: 28-May-2009 11:46
A very enjoyable night at EFC although the party of 20 French students were slightly distracting. Mind you, they were financially useful. :-)

Adam is an extremely clever and humorous wordsmith and "bang up to date" especially with the MPs expenses material.

Someone should consider giving him an award for Services to Scottish music.

Posts: 784
Posted: 28-May-2009 12:02
Hi Bigmooth! No tickets required for the Friday night ,tickets for the other events will be available then.Hope your well and still in great voice.
Tattie Bogle
Posts: 3849
Posted: 28-May-2009 12:21
Wonder what the French made of it? They left at half-time, maybe to see the bl##d# football?

What an amazing night! I knew he had done his version of "King Lear" but never heard it performed before, and we had all four of his Shakespeare plays last night. Great accompaniment by Finlay too.

AND he did "Erchie Cathcairt" AND "Your'e still gonna die". (see above)

Simon, (see JAJ's suggestion also) if he isn't already in the Trad Hall of Fame, how about it for this year?
And a nomination in the "Services to the Scottish music industry" category.

Chris Wright
Posts: 204
Posted: 28-May-2009 13:40
What a pleasure it was to hear Adam sing at EFC last night! Finlay's accompaniment was spot on too - not over-complicated and nicely relaxed.

More, more, more...

[This is like 'Points of View' - where's the disembodied voice reading my letter out?]

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