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2009 Glenfiddich Invitational Solo Piping Championship winner is
Simon T
Posts: 8666
Posted: 02-Nov-2009 10:23
...Stuart Liddell of Inveraray, Scotland. He was named the 2009 Glenfiddich Champion at the Glenfiddich Invitational Solo Piping Championships held at the great hall of Blair Castle, the Duke of Atholl's private residence. His first time winning the prize, Liddell capped a stellar year that included the Clasp and straight wins with his Inveraray & District Pipe Band, of which he is Pipe-Major.
Posts: 1591
Posted: 02-Nov-2009 10:52
Now that Simon has started a thread on the Piping Championships, here is a repeat of the message I had put up earlier on the Fiddle thread (and by the way Glenfiddich is spelled with an I not an O!!)*

*I've changed it
Elizabeth Forum Admin

Here is a puzzle. The BBC's report of the results of the Glenfiddich Piping Championship states that competitors have to compete in two parts of the competition - a) piobaireachd and b) march, strathspey and reel.

The winners of each part are shown below as are the overall winners. It seems that Stuart Liddell won overall, even though he only came third in each of the two individual competitions. Conversely, Roderick MacLeod came third overall but was first in both of the two parts of the competition. William McCallum came second overall even though he only came fourth in each separate part.

There must be a simple reason for the disparity between overall placings and individual events, but it sure ain't obvious to me!

Overall title winner:

1st: Stuart Liddell
2nd: William McCallum
3rd: Roderick MacLeod M.B.E

In the Piobaireachd tradition the winners were:

1st: Roderick MacLeod M.B.E
2nd: Bruce Gandy (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia)
3rd: Stuart Liddell (Inveraray)
4th: William McCallum (Campbeltown)
5th: James Murray (Fife)

And in the March, Strathspey and Reel the accolades went to:

1st: Roderick McLeod M.B.E (Glasgow)
2nd: Bruce Gandy (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia)
3rd: Stuart Liddell (Inveraray)
4th: William McCallum (Campbeltown)
5th: James Murray (Fife)

Posts: 284
Posted: 02-Nov-2009 11:12
I understand that the overall result is obtained by a summation of the combined actual marks awarded for the two sections, and in the event of a tie, the overall award is given to the player who had the higher marks in the Piobaieachd competition. The final result then is dependent not so much on the rankings in the two sections, as on the spread of the underlying marks awarded to the competitors in the two sections, which can result in what appears to be a very curious final result as compared with the rankings in the two sections. It does seem very bizarre that a competitor can win both sections and yet only come third in the overall award.
Posts: 1591
Posted: 02-Nov-2009 12:36
Fiddlepiper - thanks for attempting an explanation. I still wonder how Roderick Macleod can win both sections - presumably gaining higher marks in each section than Stuart Liddell - and yet still achieve a lower overall total than Liddell.

Maybe the overall title is based on more than the sum of the two specific parts of the competition? Maybe the BBC report is incorrect? Maybe someone's maths have let them down? It would be interesting to get a comment from one of the organisers, or even from one of the competitors who may understand these matters better than I do.

Bill Y
Posts: 133
Posted: 02-Nov-2009 18:50
Didn't it strike you as odd that the BBC results listed *exactly* the same names 1-5 in each section? The explanation seems to be that they've got it wrong. The Herald gives the Piobaireachd winner as William McCallum, but none of the subsidiary places. So there's probably no great mystery about Stuart Liddell being the overall winner.
It's a bit of a poor show by Glenfiddich that their website hasn't been updated with the results of either the piping or fiddle championships.
Posts: 12
Posted: 02-Nov-2009 19:21
They must have published it wrong, the placings were:
1st Roddy MacLeod
2nd Bruce Gandy
3rd Stuart Liddel
4th Willie McCallum
5th Jimmy Murray

Light Music
1st Willie McCallum
2nd Stuart Liddel
3rd Gordon Walker
4th Angus MacColl
5th Roddy MacLeod

I think Stuart won it on Piobaireachd preference as a 1st and 4th is the same points as 2nd and 3rd.
Well done to them all it was a great day!


Posts: 1591
Posted: 03-Nov-2009 14:00
Folk Piper - thanks for the corrected details of the placings in the two sections. It looks like the BBC report was incorrect and as Bill Y pointed out they had simply repeated the Piobaireachd placings for both sections. It now all makes sense. Who is going to tell the BBC they made the mistake?
Posts: 1032
Posted: 03-Nov-2009 14:32
"Who is going to tell the BBC they made the mistake?"

I did. On Sunday. I even went as far as to suggest to them *how* it was that they had got it wrong - ie mistakenly copying the *same* set of results twice.

Don't know why I bothered. The same mistake still sits there on their website. For posterity, I wonder?

It is bad enough when the media resort to 'churnalism', ie regurgitating press releases as opposed to doing proper research and news-gathering, then drafting and editing news content... but when they cannot even properly copy and paste a press release it is a *very* poor show.

Posts: 1591
Posted: 03-Nov-2009 15:23
At least you tried, Mairi.

This is clearly another example (following their axing of The Reel Blend) of BBC Scotland's active support for Scottish traditional music!

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