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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
Shetland - and the need for good stamina...
Posts: 383
Posted: 05-May-2012 12:30
Just heard from a good pal in Lerwick who was heading back to his digs to catch a few hours of shut-eye at 12 noon after being up all night long, enjoying sessions, followed by a spot of breakfast at 6am this morning, followed by more sessions.
I guess he'll experience that thing they call Shetlag by the time Monday morning comes around.

Posts: 565
Posted: 05-May-2012 20:35
Kinda wishing we'd made the effort to get back up this year, although we've been having a fine time of it in and around Portyree for the past few days.
I saw a post on Facebook this afternoon from Mhari who said that some musicians hadn't been to bed at all since arriving on Thursday!
Posts: 7970
Posted: 08-May-2012 09:48
Here's a 'midway' review of the festival from the Shetland Times:

"No snow without punch as folk festival lights up Cullivoe"

Posts: 383
Posted: 08-May-2012 18:09
Spare a thought for the poor beggars with the Shetlag hangovers who will be on the ferry back to Aberdeen tonight. There's a Force 9 forecast!
Posts: 576
Posted: 09-May-2012 09:07
I've been hearing loads of great reports from Shetland where the volunteers and organising committee are all gaining just as much praise as the musicians, as usual.
It's a mammoth task and they always pull it off with such style and generosity of spirit.
Well done one and all!
Posts: 1520
Posted: 11-May-2012 00:17
Shetland Folk Festival as experienced by The Hot Seats (don't click if you find the odd swear word upsetting):
Posts: 565
Posted: 11-May-2012 13:38
Posts: 165
Posted: 13-May-2012 20:03
That's priceless and a great piece of writing. They just captured it all so well.
Rollercoaster ride or what!
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