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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
NCETM at Plockton faces the axe
TMSA Glasgow Branch
Posts: 89
Posted: 15-Mar-2011 00:20
Mike Russell is in Plockton today. Will he be taking them some money?
Posts: 7970
Posted: 15-Mar-2011 09:40
According to Radio Scotland this morning , he will be the bearer of glad tidings..
Posts: 14820
Posted: 15-Mar-2011 10:46
Of course.... there's an election coming after all.
Posts: 12
Posted: 15-Mar-2011 12:12

Direct grant through West Highland College, part of UHI.

Good call, good job to everyone who marched, strathspeyed or reeled in protest at the original decision.

Posts: 63
Posted: 15-Mar-2011 12:23


Plockton School of Music

Plockton School of Traditional Music will continue to train Scottish musicians of the future through a partnership with the West Highland College (WHC) UHI.

An additional £200,000 a year from 2012/13 to 2014/15 from the Scottish Government will enable the College to link up with the National Centre for Excellence, opening up its facilities to WHC students.

The move will see further education courses in traditional music and other events delivered at the school, with other uses also under consideration.

Speaking during a visit to the school, Education Secretary Michael Russell said:

"The reaction to the proposed closure of the school from pupils, former pupils, musicians, politicians and members of the public clearly demonstrated the widespread support for the unique facilities at Plockton.

"This new partnership between the school and West Highland College will open up the school to older music students and allow them to take advantage of the quality teaching and outstanding legacy that Plockton has provided.

"Investment from the Scottish Government will make this partnership a reality and assist the bodies concerned in funding the school in these times of financial constraint over the coming years.

"Scotland has a fine history of producing talented professionals across a whole range of the arts and traditional music is no exception. As one of our National Centres for Excellence, it is already funded by grant via the Highland Council and this will continue.

"Today's announcement does not affect that relationship, nor those responsibilities, but opens up a range of new possibilities and broadens the base of support for this important facility."

The funding is dependent on acceptance of a grant by West Highland College UHI with appropriate assurances. The funding will be made available for three years (2012-13 to 2014-15).

The Scottish Government's innovative Engage for Education site allows users to read blogs from Ministers, post comments and get involved in workshops on issues relating to education.

Posts: 63
Posted: 15-Mar-2011 12:24
Why does that always happen to me?!!!
TMSA Glasgow Branch
Posts: 89
Posted: 15-Mar-2011 12:54
"The funding is dependent on acceptance of a grant by West Highland College UHI with appropriate assurances". That's in the press release and the Herald.

What does it mean?

Posts: 7970
Posted: 15-Mar-2011 13:49
BorderGuy - Re post turning 'red' - when you include a 'link' with your post you need to type a 'space' at the end of it - that stops the link running into the rest of the text turning the whole thing red (I've sorted it for you)

Forum Admin

Posts: 63
Posted: 15-Mar-2011 13:57
Cheers, Elizabeth. Kept editing my post and think that's the one thing I hadn't tried!

Many thanks.

Posts: 1591
Posted: 15-Mar-2011 16:18
Shame that the crisis ever arose in the first place. The powers that be - whether Highland Council, Scottish Government, or whoever - must have anticipated the outcry that would follow the closure announcement. So why couldn't they work on finding a solution to the funding problem before they got all the bad publicity. It doesn't give me much confidence in their ability to run things!
Posts: 14820
Posted: 15-Mar-2011 17:02
An outcry is to be expected wherever the cuts fall.
I guess the policy is to wait and see who shouts and complains the loudest and then take things from there!
Posts: 3461
Posted: 15-Mar-2011 22:27
The Scottish Government wasn't consulted by Highland Council before the proposal was leaked to the School and the public at large, Mick Stubbles. Whether it was a well-disposed mole or whether it was a cynical ploy on the part of HC to put pressure on the Scottish Government is a moot point. Being a cynic............

HC were perfectly well aware that the two biggest parties at Holyrood had a vested interest in the School's survival, Labour because they set it up and the SNP because they could not possibly let it fall on their watch! And to be fair, there is strong support across the whole political spectrum for the NCETM. Except at Highland Council, of course, where I did not even receive an acknowledgement, far less a reply, to my polite, if impassioned, letters to the councillors and officers who were proposing the funding withdrawal.

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