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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
Ray Fisher RIP
Loch Shin John
Posts: 299
Posted: 31-Aug-2011 14:37
I just read on another site that Ray has sadly passed away early this morning. I had heard at Whitby that she was back in hospital.

Rest in peace lassie, you will be sorely missed.


Posts: 303
Posted: 31-Aug-2011 15:45
What very sad news. Ray was an absolute gem of a persn, and will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

Sincere condolences to all the family.

Simon T
Posts: 8666
Posted: 31-Aug-2011 16:27
Very sorry to hear this. She was a great character and an amazing interpreter of song. Our thoughts are with Ray's family.
Posts: 1520
Posted: 31-Aug-2011 16:31
Fond memories of Newcastleton in the '70s. A fine singer and fine human being. It's been a long haul for the poor woman in recent times. Another one of the greats has departed.
Alistair C
Posts: 1097
Posted: 31-Aug-2011 16:46
Not someone I ever had the pleasure to meet but certainly an inspiration to many.

Rest in Peace Ray.

David Francis
Posts: 680
Posted: 31-Aug-2011 16:51
I'm greatly saddened by this news. We used to cross paths with Ray at a lot of festivals in the 80s, and latterly at Whitby, and she was always at the heart of the party.

Posts: 83
Posted: 31-Aug-2011 17:01
What a great character. Ray n Archie were an inspiration in the early TV folk programmes! She'll be sadly missed. Condolences to the family.
Posts: 3461
Posted: 31-Aug-2011 17:21
A majestic singer, a great-hearted woman and the best of company - rest in peace, Ray. My heart goes out to Colin, the children and grandchildren and to the whole Fisher family.
Posts: 363
Posted: 31-Aug-2011 19:55
Came home to this sad news.

Just glad that Ray's now at peace, suffering over -- and rejoicing in all the lovely memories I have of her, dating back to the late 1950's: singing with Archie and Bobby Campbell as The Wayfarers(?); supporting Cisco Houston in the Berkeley Hall, Glasgow; Ray'n'Archie on early 1960's STV programmes ...

And there was, of course, The Fisher Family! Listening to all the siblings coming together in song -- rhythm and phrasing falling into an inevitable meld -- was a delight.
(For those who haven't experienced this -- go on to YouTube and search for 'Ray Fisher in Glasgow' .) This is an edited video of Ray's last public appearance, at the Glasgow Ballad Workshop on 12th September 1910 -- Ray talked us through her approach to the ballad "Willie's Lady" and then sisters Joyce, Cindy and Cilla joined her with brother Archie in a medley of family songs -- lots of lovely choral support from the audience.

I'm sure you'll find this a fine memory of a lovely lady!

Posts: 71
Posted: 31-Aug-2011 20:06
Very sad news. Ray was such a character, a great inspiration.
Posts: 1
Posted: 31-Aug-2011 22:07
Ray Fisher brought the greatest fun to silly songs and gravitas and emotion to the working songs. Great singer always with great craic!! She now deserves her rest.
Gallus Moll
Posts: 279
Posted: 01-Sep-2011 00:26
I am so sorry to learn of Ray's passing - may she rest easy now; the memory of her her singing will continue to inspire for years to come.
My condolence to Ray's husband, children, grandhildren, and to all of the Fisher family.
Posts: 14820
Posted: 01-Sep-2011 13:44
Very sad to hear about this. Condolences to all of Ray's family and friends.
Posts: 784
Posted: 01-Sep-2011 13:48
One less twinkle in the night sky.How brightly she shone! RIP Ray.
Posts: 7970
Posted: 01-Sep-2011 19:21
This link to an obituary in The Guardian came from Pete Shepheard:

Margaret Stewart
Posts: 1154
Posted: 01-Sep-2011 21:47
So very sad to hear this. I had some good times with Ray over the years, including a particularly memorable time at the Sidmouth Festival, many years back. She was great company, an inspiration, a trooper and the brightest of shining stars. My sincere condolences to her family at this sad time.
Posts: 64
Posted: 02-Sep-2011 11:23
So sorry to hear the news - have fond memories of Ray, Sheila Stewart and myself being "the bad boys" on the Scottish Women Tour and other great times. Having coffee in her house on Barra springs to mind....
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