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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
Edinburgh Folk Club Autumn Season 2011
Posts: 14820
Posted: 27-Jun-2011 13:01
Here's a run down of our Autumn programme

7/9 AGM (For members but join on the night if you wish)

14/9 Rura
21/9 Carrivick Sisters
28/9 Rachel Hair Trio

5/10 Colum Sands
12/10 The Long Notes
19/10 Dan McKinnon
26/10 Dick Gaughan

2/11 James Keelaghan
9/11 Martin Carthy
16/11 Martin Simpson
23/11 Real Time
30/11 Steve Tilston

7/12 Janet Russell
14/12 TBC

To reserve tickets, please contact The Paddy One e.bort (at

Posts: 3248
Posted: 30-Jun-2011 09:13
Preparations are also under way for the 10th Carrying Stream Festival between 9th-13th November 2011.
Details will be promulgated in due course.

Also, for our final pre Christmas gig we welcome back DAVE SWARBRICK who will perform along with Cathal McConnell and Duncan Wood on Wednesday 14th December.

Well worth taking out a membership, methinks, and make your pensions and/or student loans go just that little bit further.

Posts: 3248
Posted: 07-Jul-2011 11:48
We are now closed for the Summer.

Although we have had a somewhat patchy season, there's plenty of life in the old dog yet(No way to talk about our compere).
We also finished off with two exceptionally busy nights featuring Stairheid Gossip and North Sea Gas which were enjoyed by many....

Hope to see you all back with us in the Autumn.

Tattie Bogle
Posts: 3849
Posted: 07-Jul-2011 13:13
Another 'well-balanced diet" - congratulations on securing such a good range of acts.
Posts: 3248
Posted: 07-Jul-2011 13:25
Someone suggested there were too many "MAMWIGS" but we have plenty of others too. Besides, they are quality acts and it makes good sense to take advantage of the opportunity to feature these good acts when they are available.

We also have some very interesting and highly recommended performers from the younger generation too. Something for everyone, we hope.

Tattie Bogle
Posts: 3849
Posted: 07-Jul-2011 18:17
I've never eaten a MAMWIG before in my well balanced diet! Explain for the uninitiated, please!
Posts: 39
Posted: 07-Jul-2011 18:21
Middle Aged Man WIth Guitar!
Tattie Bogle
Posts: 3849
Posted: 07-Jul-2011 19:13
Aha! Define Middle Aged! Term used loosely methinks!
(But then "60 is the new 40" etc)
Posts: 14820
Posted: 08-Aug-2011 14:34
From the Paddy One...

"We’ve also got some very exciting plans for this year’s Carrying Stream Festival which is our tenth with a celebration of the first People’s Festival Ceilidh – 60 years on, at the original venue, Oddfellows Hall (now Malone’s) with Phil Cunningham and a host of singers and musicians who will mark the anniversary and trace the journey the Scottish Folk Revival has travelled since. That will be on Thursday, 10 November.
Two days later, we’ll have a Gala Concert in the Pleasance Theatre involving staff and students from the School of Scottish Studies and the Royal Academy (now Royal Conservatoire) – celebrating 60 years of the School and the opening of the School’s archive and The Annual Hamish Henderson Lecture will be given by Owen Dudley Edwards, on Saturday, 12 November."

Further details to follow but the good news for lovers of Scottish traditional music is that we've secured an appearance from Carol Anderson and Martin McDonald for the Sunday night concert. Don't miss this one.

Please see

Posts: 3248
Posted: 23-Aug-2011 08:35
Summer bump
Posts: 75
Posted: 23-Aug-2011 10:04
Well done, t' committee, a veritable feast. If the MAMWIGS are those MAMWIGS, I don't think there'll be any complaints!

Barring illness, pse keep me a ticket for the lot, John.

Kevin MacLeod
Posts: 89
Posted: 23-Aug-2011 10:43

riff raff

Posts: 14820
Posted: 23-Aug-2011 10:50
Great stuff, Kevin.

I'm looking forward to seeing your pals in concert
this Saturday too.

Kevin MacLeod
Posts: 89
Posted: 25-Aug-2011 10:36
more riff raff

say hello to Finn

Posts: 3248
Posted: 04-Sep-2011 11:04
I've just nicked the link to this You Tube compilation by our desk person Jack.
A sound man in every respect.

It's a nice wee taster of what we have coming up in the next few weeks.

Posts: 14820
Posted: 22-Sep-2011 13:22
Here's a classic song from one of our December guests...

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