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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
Dundee Festival of Scottish Music (Fest 'n' Furious): 29th September - 2nd October 2006
Posts: 7970
Posted: 18-Jul-2006 16:03
Fest'n'Furious is back with an exhilarating mix of the music and song of Scotland with some Irish, English and the odd bit of Western European thrown in for extra flavour. Dundee Festival of Scottish Music takes place over the city’s October Holiday weekend, traditionally known as The Fast.

Artists already confirmed include the legendary Boys of the Lough, Skye Mavericks, The Peatbog Faeries and the first ladies of traditional song Sheila Stewart MBE and Sheena Wellington. Also look out for a showcase of experimental folk from local label Pet Piranha, and check the National Youth Pipe Band strutting their stuff and Dundee's own Helen Brown exploring the classical settings of Burns.

The delightfully named Ceilidh Minogue, one of the best ceilidh bands around, will provide the music for dancing and top class tutors, including Helen Forbes, Maureen Jelks, Wilma Kennedy, David Adam and Katherine Liley will give workshops and masterclasses. And to add to the fun local bands, musicians and singers will be playing at sessions and informal concerts in various parts of the city.

Venues: Bonar Hall, Wighton Heritage Centre, Hannah McClure Centre, Reading Rooms and venues throughout Dundee.

Posts: 12842
Posted: 18-Jul-2006 18:22
Who's doing the marketing this year?
Posts: 7970
Posted: 25-Jul-2006 20:34

Tickets are available through the Dundee City Box Office, 6 City Square, telephone 01382 434940.

For more information contact Emily on 01382 432473 or e.mail:

Posts: 12842
Posted: 26-Jul-2006 00:04
Shameless bump there Elizabeth.

Who's doing the marketing this year?

Posts: 2043
Posted: 26-Jul-2006 09:16
When I followed the link, it was the 2005 programme that came up, I'm afraid ! : (
Posts: 203
Posted: 26-Jul-2006 12:10
Yup - same problem as Spike - 2005 info on the website.
Posts: 7970
Posted: 26-Jul-2006 12:36
Oh dear me! sorry folks - guests in the 2nd post above are correct (I believe).for 2006. I must have got carried away with enthusiasm when I added last year's guest list from an obviously not close enough look at the festival website yesterday.

I'll take it off now - again sorry
ps the contacts are correct for tickets though:)

Posts: 3461
Posted: 26-Jul-2006 13:04
The new info would have been on the website if the Creative Director hadn't been busy adding more artists to the bill! Should be up and running by the weekend.

Marketing will be overseen by the Council's Music Development Officer , she wh owas on maternity leave last year and missed the entire festival.

The Caird Hall complex has been taken over by Cheerleading Championships that weekend so a number of smaller, but perfectly formed, venues are being used.

Bothy Bill
Posts: 1
Posted: 13-Aug-2006 10:21
Hi there, I'm going down to Dundee next weekend. Is there any folk music on, on a Friday or Saturday? Any recomendations for decent folkie type pubs or bars? If there is a venue is it a listen or session format?


Posts: 7970
Posted: 13-Aug-2006 10:55
If you don't get any 'leads' for Dundee, I would suggest you check out the The Hairst Sessions which are part of the celtic festival taking place throughout Angus in July and August

Posts: 3461
Posted: 14-Aug-2006 10:07
Website is now live and the brochure is out and being distributed which I know because mine arrived this morning.

Other events, mainly sessions, will be added but Randan will play at Steps Theatre, Wellgate Centre, on Saturday 30th September at 12.30pm.

Skelpaig and Donald Lindsay are among those appearing at the Street party in City Square.
Elizabeth can you sort out this link, please?

Posts: 2
Posted: 29-Aug-2006 14:36
Well, there seem to be some interesting new additions to the line-up: Magdalen Green will be playing a candle-lit afternoon set (!) at Drouthy Neebors on Sunday 1st October and Tribal Tongues are winding things up on Monday 2nd October at Mickey Coyles. I'm not sure if they've updated the website yet with times etc.
Posts: 3461
Posted: 28-Sep-2006 12:34
Think the website's up to date now, Martha, but I'm probably tempting fate saying that!

Now it's fingers crossed for decent weather on Saturday afternoon for Skelpaig and Soss in the City Square!

Posts: 12842
Posted: 28-Sep-2006 12:46
Who needs a marketing department when you've got Auldtimer.

Keep up the good work.

Posts: 3461
Posted: 28-Sep-2006 13:54
Well, it's an interesting line-up! It's not every festival that can boast events ranging from rap poets to harpisichord recitals!
Posts: 12842
Posted: 28-Sep-2006 17:42
There's probably a very good reason for that ;-)
Posts: 397
Posted: 28-Sep-2006 21:39
I'm looking forward to the festival, Auldtimer, and your spelling is definately better than Onny's! ;b
I hope we get plenty folk along to the workshops...
Posts: 12842
Posted: 28-Sep-2006 21:55
Its definitely better than yours ;-)
Posts: 1478
Posted: 28-Sep-2006 22:05
I kould not agreee more
Posts: 1290
Posted: 29-Sep-2006 02:42
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