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Posted: 08-Nov-2006 13:51
Comadaidh Òir returns on 16th November bigger, brighter and better. The comedy series with more than a hint of reality sees five aspiring writers fighting it out in six locations to see who will be crowned King or Queen of Comadaidh Òir. This year the show’s gone one step further with Comadaidh Òir podcasts offering tantalising tasters on the internet. Contenders for the crown in series two are - Iain MacKenzie (originally from Lewis), Cailean Collier (South Uist), Murdo MacSween (Lewis), Catriona Lexy Campbell (Plockton) and Janet Evans (originally from Eglinton in Ireland). The writing muse will be able to take inspiration from some fantastic locations. This year the Comadaidh Óir team travel to Oban, Inverness, Benbecula, Stornoway, Skye and Glasgow.

Writers have just three days to prepare their comedy sketches, drawing on inspiration from the location and it’s a punishing schedule as they take in six locations in just three weeks. Even the bus was tired out by Stornoway and gave up the ghost in a roadside ditch!

The five writers are joined on the Comadaidh Òir bus by the actors who will perform their sketches at each location. The troop for the second series are Carina MacLeod, Alec MacDonald, Calum MacAulay and Alex ‘Bambi’ MacDonald. Events unfold under the watchful eyes of TV and radio personalities Cathy MacDonald and Morag MacDonald.

This year viewers have the chance for sneak previews as the Comadaidh Òir podcasts reveal some of the show’s best bits as well as the behind the scenes action and footage that you won’t see on the broadcast programme. Make sure you catch them from Thursday 9th November at You might even spot last year’s winner Gilleasbuig Ferguson. He so impressed the programme makers that he’s back this year advising the new writers on what it takes to be crowned king of Comedy Gold!

Comadaidh Òir (Comedy Gold) 6 x 30 mins - BBC Alba

TX: Thursday 16th November, 7.00pm – 7.30pm (Oban)

Monday 20th November – 7.30pm (Inverness)

Thursday 30th November, 7.00pm – 7.30pm (Benbecula)

Thursday 14th December, 7.00pm – 7.30pm (Stornoway)

Thursday 21st December, 7.00pm – 7.30pm (Skye)

Thursday 28th December, 6.45pm – 7.15pm (Glasgow)

Podcasts live from 9th November –

Comadaidh Òir is a Comedy Unit and MNE co-production funded by the Gaelic Media Service for BBC Alba.

For more information: Claire Hancock, The Comedy Unit, Tel: 0141 305 6627 Email:

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