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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
Grumpy Old Folkies
Posts: 12842
Posted: 11-Mar-2007 17:40
Anonymity? That the reason for the shades?

So why the reluctance to 'name and shame' as it's known? It's a bit unfair coming on here with sweeping statements which 'could' possibly apply to any number of decent, genuine hard-working people we both know.

If, as you say, you didn't just "make things up to be grumpy about" get it off your ***** chest!

Posts: 36
Posted: 11-Mar-2007 18:07
The 'curious backpacker' at festivals makes me grumpy. Barging through the standing crowds oblivious to the fact that their massive load has knocked the drink out your hand and damned near taken the head off your petite companion. The blundering through to a good spot to 'see' if there's anything interesting happening while blocking said view for a width of three behind them. 2 minutes satisfies the curiousity and the process is repeated in reverse.
Alistair C
Posts: 1097
Posted: 11-Mar-2007 19:54
Hear hear Ewan
Posts: 2043
Posted: 11-Mar-2007 21:28
Folk who do curious free type modern dance down at the front, hoping to get more attention than the band ! In my experience, they seem to be mainly soap dodgers who haven't even HEARD of Isadora Duncan !!! :)
This unsightly throng often keep the backpacks on, too, which may be considered unacceptable until they unpack them to reveal an assortment of rainsticks and djembes... then the real hell begins... :)
Posts: 2035
Posted: 11-Mar-2007 23:06
Spike you talking aboot isa the folkie floozy on every scene of my wolfstone vidio .?
Posts: 2043
Posted: 12-Mar-2007 19:40
Don't know isa, Johnnyguitar, but if she flings herself about like those I've mentioned, she's probably been spotted at some point ! :)
Posts: 311
Posted: 13-Mar-2007 20:58
Best giggle I've had for ages reading a forum thread.

Bit concerned about the Wolfstone video... When was it filmed?

Posts: 36
Posted: 17-Mar-2007 00:51
Here’s another gripe. The guy with the combination thirst and weak bladder. You've just got comfortable in your seat, stowed your coat etc, the lights have dimmed the band is on the stage and you are ready to enjoy the concert. There’s a commotion at the door. It's him that was at the bar, the one that just had to get another drink in even though it’s show time. Of course he has to be in your row, and he wants in. He blocks your view, stands on your feet, trips over your coat and dribbles the drinks on your knees. Or he asks you to pass them along and YOU dribble them on the next person’s knees. He settles into his seat for a wee while and then decides he needs a Jimmy and of course, another drink. He asks his mates (in a stage whisper) what they want. Once that’s sorted and everybody round about is suitably distracted he has to get back out and so the rigmarole continues. Your constantly aware that he’s either coming or going. And he’d probably swear he’s there for the music. Aye right!
Posts: 70
Posted: 17-Mar-2007 02:39
Aye ...Sorry aboot that...... Ahm workin oan the no spillin` the drink bit.........:-)
Tattie Bogle
Posts: 3849
Posted: 17-Mar-2007 10:33
If it were only that Ewan! At a festival last year, some folk behind us did all of that, plus talked at full volume when ascertaining who wanted what to drink, stamped their jackboots across a boarded floor to get to the door, which was a saloon-style double swing door, allowing it to swing and bang repeatedly , didn't wait for a song to finis before reversing the process and coming back in: more swinging and banging of the doors, more jackboots, scraping of chairs, and loud conversation.
They were of course totally inpervious to all the black looks they got from other concert-goers, and my suggestion to one of the organisers that they should say something at the interval about consideration and quietness fell on deaf ears, so the same happened in the second half.
Posts: 12842
Posted: 17-Mar-2007 11:00
It wouldn't have happened at EFC, would it? One look fae thon treasurer fella and they'd have scampered off intae the night.
Raghnall dearag
Posts: 233
Posted: 17-Mar-2007 13:14
Boo Hoo !!
Posts: 556
Posted: 17-Mar-2007 13:36
Had a similar experience recently. Everyone gave 'black looks', glared, mumbled ominously. I went up to them & told them to shut it or else they'd be doing a different jig. When the applause died down, they were quiet. And I got a pint out of it!
Posts: 57
Posted: 23-Mar-2007 15:54
Strangely enough the first post on this thread and the ongoing Mick Hanly thread - opportunity knocks (or not) seem closely tied together.

I would add tho' that public scrutiny' of an act booked by ' whomever' Folk Club' after the event doesn't bode well for the feeling of well-being in artists eyes regardless of who they might be or where they would like to return to!

Posts: 14820
Posted: 23-Mar-2007 16:31
I'd be less happy if the "public scrutiny" was done *before* the gig and this was the reason why Mick H's main detractor was initially reluctant to voice his opinion especially as there were a few more gigs to go in the tour.

However, I don't see any problem in passing an opinion about a performance afterwards. People will make up their own minds and, in this instance, there were many more positive rather than negative comments.

I can also confirm that the great majority of the EFC audience were right behind Mick H and I wouldn't have any reservations about recommending his return...both to himself and any potential organisers out there.

Posts: 1591
Posted: 23-Mar-2007 16:34
JohnJ - Are you suggesting that I am grumpy? Or old? You must know me better than I thought you did!
Posts: 14820
Posted: 23-Mar-2007 16:38
Of course not. I was replying to MAK's post and actually defending you, in fact. :-)
Posts: 12842
Posted: 23-Mar-2007 17:28
Last time I was at EFC the audience were right in front of the performer.

Did having them right behing Mick Hanly work?

Posts: 1536
Posted: 02-Apr-2007 15:46
What gets on my nerves are:

People in the audience/pub who talk all the way through the tunes and applaud at the end! How can you applaud something that you couldn't possibly have heard? I'm not asking for pin-drop silence but somewhere between that and the usual Ingliston Market noise barrier.

Journo's who write about established artists as though they've 'discovered' them.

Journo's who have to compare established artists to somebody in contemporary music to in some way legitimise the artform.

Tourists who took up all the room in Bells on Saturday night but didn't actually buy any drinks.

How do American's do that? It never works when I try it.

My views BTW not LFC's.

Posts: 311
Posted: 03-Apr-2007 20:27
Years ago I was talking to one of the guys from North Sea Gas who'd been playing in the pub we were in all night, with hardly a person drawing breath, let alone listening.

I asked him how he felt about that (lack of respect, I thought). He said that all night, he'd seen people tapping their feet or nodding their heads in time with the music.

As a pub gig, he didn't expect people to behave like an "audience", but he was glad to see them enjoying the music, even when they weren't conciously paying attention.

Needless to say, I bought a tape off him and we stood him a couple of drinks.

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