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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
In the studio...
Simon T
Posts: 8666
Posted: 28-Jul-2007 10:53
Anyone know of bands/artists currently recording albums?

I understand Catriona MacDonald is in the studio recording the followup to her 'Bold' release.

Also Blazin' Fiddles are mixing a live album to be released in the next few months.

Simon T
Posts: 8666
Posted: 30-Jul-2007 13:17
Ross Ainsley/ Jarlath Henderson (Vertical)
Posts: 1647
Posted: 30-Jul-2007 13:20
I'm thinking of getting back in very soon. I have a fair amount of newer songs to be done, and my ticking biological clock is impatient.
Posts: 2099
Posted: 30-Jul-2007 14:31
Catriona Watt is over the way as I write, getting ready to put down the first track on her Young Trad Musician of the Year prize.

Macmeanmna Records also have an album by a great singer from Plockton - Mairi Sine Campbell - coming out very soon. Playing with her are Hamish and Fin Napier and Ali Hutton.

Arthur is working on his third solo album - it's only 18 years since the last one!

And Atomic Piseag - the gang of formidable Argyll ladies - have a CD coming out for the Mod. It's called - what else? - Piseag Gu Leor...

Chirsty Mhor
Posts: 247
Posted: 30-Jul-2007 15:59
Excellent - so, lots to look forward to then!
Simon T
Posts: 8666
Posted: 30-Jul-2007 21:53
Battlefield Band's new release is nearly here. It will be the first with guitarist Sean O'Donnell.

Paul Anderson's is also nearly finished.

Posts: 314
Posted: 30-Jul-2007 22:46
haha....Atomic Piseag....fab name!
Posts: 2596
Posted: 30-Jul-2007 23:30
Atomic Piseag……… they rock.
If you have not seen or heard them, check them out.
This is a Ladies Gaelic Choir with attitude (albeit highland attitude)

Arthur…....…please tell me he is not gravitating towards the in/out so called modern fusion mix. If so, in the words of the grandson of the late owner of the Chip Stall on The Island Of Barra, Your Doomed! Your Doomed!

Posts: 9
Posted: 30-Jul-2007 23:54
I heard Daimh's new album is out?
Posts: 732
Posted: 31-Jul-2007 08:58
I'll be spending Friday in the spare room, if that counts? ;-) Hope to have "Miss Willmott's Ghost" available for download over the weekend.
Posts: 302
Posted: 31-Jul-2007 11:14
Lazy Boy Chair are back in the studio tonight to attempt some more recordings. We're still hoping to get the album out by Christmas, but then it's not far away is it?

If you want to hear how we're getting on, there's some early recordings at:

Posts: 431
Posted: 31-Jul-2007 15:39
Looking forward to Mairi Sines' album, when is it out?
Posts: 6
Posted: 31-Jul-2007 15:59
Emily Smith Band, due out this fall!
Posts: 193
Posted: 31-Jul-2007 16:04
Just wondering what's the most common way for traditional acts to record these days? click track, percussion then melody instruments one by one - or more of a live recording? Some of the more recent albums I've listened to are almost too perfect I think...
the duplets
Posts: 22
Posted: 04-Aug-2007 01:32
We Duplets are currently taking our first intrepid steps into the recording studio....!
Posts: 163
Posted: 04-Aug-2007 23:49
Heard that Fiona Mackenzie heading into studio very soon to record a double Cd of Gaelic Christmas Carols and songs.
Simon T
Posts: 8666
Posted: 20-Aug-2007 17:25
Sylvia Barnes debut CD will be with us soon on Greentrax with a startling cover.

Also there a Greentrax Gordon Duncan retrospective also with some un-released GD material.

Big Bella
Posts: 8
Posted: 20-Aug-2007 18:29
Meantime are working on a new album. I don't know when it is due out though.
Simon T
Posts: 8666
Posted: 11-Oct-2007 14:16
The Duplets. Should be out soon.
Simon T
Posts: 8666
Posted: 12-Oct-2007 14:30
Over the Moon by Catriona MacDonald. Due out November.
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