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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
Scotland's Music with Phil Cunningham: Series Starts November 3rd 2007
Posts: 1073
Posted: 05-Nov-2007 21:46
"Phil Cunningham embarks on a journey very close to his heart, exploring the roots of Scotland’s music to find out what makes it distinctly Scottish."

The "very closest thing" tae Phil's heart is of course his wallet.... and this beanfeast will ensure the wallet will attain the same ample proportions as Phil himself.

When are we all going to grow up and stop taking this *seriously?
Most of us know very well what Scotlands music was and is like....the people who matter never make the big time...Christ I can think of a couple of dozen who underpinned Scottish music....some still performing, who are completely unknown outside our little enclave.

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Watch your language please

Jack Campin
Posts: 1785
Posted: 07-Nov-2007 11:31
I think I may have got my problem with this solved.

If anybody else out there is in the same position (having neither a TV nor a Windows PC) drop me a line if you want a copy of the programmes. No point in us going through the same hoops independently.

Posts: 3461
Posted: 07-Nov-2007 12:24
I haven't seen the programme yet but a friend has it taped for me!

I'm with tunemonster on the principle though - we really are a bunch of whingers. For every atom of praise for a performance there's a slack ton of bile for whatever wasn't exactly to our taste. It's very Scottish, that!

Btw, tunemonster, I hear that you and Mr tunemonster are looking forward to a happy event next year - congratulations!

Posts: 12842
Posted: 07-Nov-2007 12:27
We are not a bunch of whingers.

There are precious few opportunites to present 'our' music to a television audience. We shouldn't settle for third rate.

Posts: 94
Posted: 07-Nov-2007 12:55
"we shouldn't settle for third rate"

Is that the royal 'we'?

I didn't think there was anything third rate in the programme. I enjoyed it all including Laura's Matt McGinn song.

Posts: 12842
Posted: 07-Nov-2007 13:03
That's 'we' in the same sense Auldtimer used it (above).
Posts: 14820
Posted: 07-Nov-2007 13:03
Perhaps, some of the more enthusiastic contributors might wish to write a review on the series for The Living Tradition (Scottish Folk's answer to the old Pravda newspaper).

"All News is Good News"

Posts: 12842
Posted: 07-Nov-2007 13:10
Surely Mr Cunningham will have had the sense to include Heather Heywood in at least one episode, if only to ensure +ve feedback in The Living Tradition.
Posts: 14820
Posted: 07-Nov-2007 13:16
Well, he should have had the sense to include Heather regardless.......

.....but then nobody had the sense to nominate her for an award either... ;-(

Posts: 12842
Posted: 07-Nov-2007 13:18
We don't know that for sure. Lots of people could have nominated Heather.

The panel of experts might have a different agenda.

Posts: 732
Posted: 07-Nov-2007 14:27
I'll reserve judgement until Alex Harvey appears - if he doesn't, then it's not "Scotland's Music".
Posts: 1
Posted: 08-Nov-2007 00:19
The first episode was very enjoyable however I was however very dissapointed with the inclusion of Laura McGhee as a featured artist. Was this Phils choice or the producers? I myself would be suprised if it was Phils choice as he voiced his confusion earlier in the programme over the choice of many scots artists to put on a "mid atlantic twang" . Infact this was a theme of the programme with Finlay Napier and the Proclaimers picking up on it. They then had Laura singing in an american accent and using scottish words like tae. It sounded ridiculous.

Why choose her over the likes of Karine polwart? Emily Smith? real musicians, real talent .

I have a wider concern. This is the image of Scotland's music that she portrays. A beautifull girl no doubt , and this will surely bring her to wider audience who (I believe) will laugh , at her and the music she is playing. Good for Scotland's music, I don't think so. All the other performances on the programme were musically credible, and the songs sung with honesty and integrity.

Posts: 2035
Posted: 08-Nov-2007 01:34
Any online repeats I am a very busy scottish person .
Posts: 206
Posted: 08-Nov-2007 09:42
Kagan: I'm with you re Alex Harvey

johnnyguitar: There are some clips here

Posts: 1
Posted: 18-Dec-2007 15:49
Would someone be kind enough to provide me with DVD copies of this series? I was not able to watch it down south.

I'm sure I could reciprocate with something of interest..

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