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Scottish and Celtic Music Discussion
Ofcom awards licence to Celtic Music Radio
Posts: 1032
Posted: 19-Jul-2007 12:42
I chanced upon this information today ... probably known by others in these parts. It sounds familiar, and I suspect has been discussed here already, however I cannot track down an earlier thread. Ofcom's published decision is interesting:

Celtic Music AM (Glasgow)
This group will provide a 'community of interest' service targeting those interested in Scottish traditional and contemporary folk music and song in the Glasgow area. In terms of its ability to maintain the proposed service (1a) this group was considered to be well resourced, both in terms of operational assets and available relevant board level experience. Board members bring broadcasting, business and teaching expertise to the group. Its proposed specialist music output was considered relevant to the tastes and interests of those comprising the target community (1b) and was felt by members of the RLC to be particularly strong when assessed against the requirement to broaden available programming choice locally (1c). In relation to evidence of demand and support for the proposed service (1d), this applicant provided a wide range of supporting letters and some statistical data collected in relation to a recent short-term broadcast. A wide range of proposals concerning the delivery of social gain (1e) were set out. These were considered to be particularly well developed in relation to the delivery of education and training. A ten member station steering group will be central to the group's plans for ensuring its accountability to members of the target community (1f), with access to, and training in the use of, station facilities (1g) being ensured through the provision of basic broadcast and production training to all new programme makers.


Here is their web-site:

Simon T
Posts: 8666
Posted: 19-Jul-2007 13:06
Well done!
Posts: 556
Posted: 19-Jul-2007 13:18
Hmm - it is good news, but it seems the decision was made in mid-January, and no sign of any updates since then (as far as I can tell from the website, anyway).

Anyone have any more recent information?

Posts: 1032
Posted: 19-Jul-2007 13:51

The *application* was made in January, and Ofcom has in the last *days* reached a decision on it. I imagine that they kept quiet in the intervening six months while those deliberations were going on, knowing that it would take a while, with no certainty as regards the outcome.

Posts: 288
Posted: 19-Jul-2007 14:20
Is this not the biggest piece of news to hit this forum for a long, long time?
It's absolutely amazing!
Nìall Beag
Posts: 2237
Posted: 19-Jul-2007 20:32
Frassan-rassan rassan-frassan Glasgow.... :-(
Posts: 171
Posted: 21-Jul-2007 17:11
I just discovered this thread. How come the news hasn't stimulated more interest? This is a huge develolpment for trad music if it's true.
Posts: 1766
Posted: 22-Jul-2007 08:58
Will listen in when on ma hols. Congrats and the best of luck with the station.
Posts: 1
Posted: 25-Jul-2007 12:43
Thanks for all the postings with support for this new venture.

Following an invitation to apply for an Ofcom Community Radio Licence, Celtic Music Radio lodged its application with Ofcom on 11 January 2007, a few days before the deadline for accepting applications.

Ofcom announced their decision to award Celtic Music Radio officially on Wednesday 11 July 2007.

A considerable amount of work went into the application document of 68 pages plus supporting documentation and technical transmission submissions.

Regulator Ofcom advised possible applicants prior to making a submission, that they would not accept an application to offer a service to broadcast on the FM waveband in the Glasgow area as there are not suitable FM frequencies available, hence the application was made on the basis of broadcasting on the AM medium wave band and the station name 'Celtic Music AM'.

Celtic Music Radio has made two Ofcom RSL - Restricted Service Licence - broadcasts during Celtic Connections 2006 and 2007 and made application for a full-time Community Licence in the first round of applications in 2004, but on that occasion, the application was unsuccessful.

The group bounced back from that disappointment and moved the project forward with the RSLs to prove that there was a need for the type of 'community of interest' service proposed.

With support from many quarters and educational partners, the University of Strathclyde, the project is soon to become a reality.

An Online streaming programme service will commence sometime during August on a re-launched website and all going well, it is hoped that the service will go 'on-air' in January 2008 during Celtic Connections 2008.

This depends on Ofcom getting frequency and transmitter site clearance. It is likely that you will hear more about the proposed service now that a full-time licence has been awarded and as the service becomes a reality.

Posts: 3461
Posted: 25-Jul-2007 13:15
I think it's great news!

Well done and congratulations to the team and I look forward to tuning in!

Jim King
Posts: 1086
Posted: 25-Jul-2007 13:44
Great news indeed.
Lachie Mor
Posts: 32
Posted: 25-Jul-2007 14:52
I think this is great.. surprised I haven't heard more about this. Hope everything goes well..
Posts: 39
Posted: 08-Aug-2007 15:32
Aye good news indeed.
Until they start brodcasting and doing there thing. There is plenty of great folk Celtic music on AFC Radio
station which is my latest project for the sfcollective myspace artists. The station broadcasts 24/7 with a fine mix of Acoustic folk rock blues live shows nightly between 8pm and midnight

as I write this Old Blind dogs are on Tatties an Herring blasting out the speakers lol

Posts: 925
Posted: 01-Sep-2007 18:21
For info, Celtic Music Radio is now streaming a test transmission 24x7 - see the "Listen Live" link on .

There is also a "listen again" link which will let you access much of the archived material from Celtic Connections 2007, including most of the sessions from the Danny Kyle stage.

This Monday, 3rd September, we begin broadcasting on 106.6FM in the Glasgow area, for a period of around 2 weeks. This is in conjunction with the Scottish International Piano Competition - we'll be broadcasting live coverage of the event, as well as contemporary and traditional Scottish music.

After the 2-week FM broadcast ends, the internet streams will continue, and we intend to be back "on-air" on AM around January.

Posts: 181
Posted: 02-Sep-2007 01:05
Any news on who will be presenting programmes?
I had the great pleasure to attend a recent presentation by Jimmie McGregor and it made me wonder why he wasn't still on the radio.
If you haven't already done so, sign him, up. He's a true pro.
Posts: 925
Posted: 02-Sep-2007 12:56
More details on the presenters can be found on , and the schedule is on the "front page". The schedules could do with having more detail added - I'm guessing that this will happen in due course.

Sorry I can't give more info; my involvement is on the technical and engineering side rather than content.

We'd be interested in any feedback that you may have - either on the content, or on the FM & internet reception quality.

Posts: 314
Posted: 03-Sep-2007 14:19
broadcasting now!!
Posts: 925
Posted: 03-Sep-2007 16:48
Yes, we've been on air on 106.6FM since about 8am this morning. Most of the technical niggles have now been ironed out, and we expect the FM broadcast to be uninterrupted for the next fortnight.

We'd be interested to get some feedback on reception quality. The transmitter is in the city centre, a couple of hundred yards from George Square, and is as high as our license will allow. We'd hope to get fairly widespread coverage, especially in the city centre, west end and southside. Coming in on the train this morning, using a very poor radio, I managed to get a weak signal around hillington/cardonald.

Posts: 925
Posted: 08-Sep-2007 11:56
Well, that's the first week of FM transmissions done; 1 more week to go. We hope to be back on AM permanently around the end of the year.

As well as a varied selection of traditional and contemporary music, we've been transmitting live coverage of the Scottish International Piano Competition from the RSAMD.

We've also been dong some live links with Two Lochs Radio in Wester Ross, who have been taking some material.

At the moment, I'm listening to the Saturday morning show with Gordon Hotchkiss. He's playing some good stuff...

You can contact the presenters via


Posts: 925
Posted: 10-Oct-2007 21:04

Just to let you know that we've changed out web address - we're now on - which trips off the tongue a little easier...

Stream now running 24x7, and we expect to be permanently live on AM in January.

Contact us on

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