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Monthly news summary of all the happenings and up and coming events in the Scottish Traditional Music scene.

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Bothy Nichts! Volumes 1 & 2
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Bothy Nichts! Volumes 1 & 2

by The Fife Yokels & The Angus Cronies

Double CD

Disk 1: The Fife Yokels was a purely amateur group formed in 1964. They were Mrs Jean Sutherland a houswife with a keen interest in the origin and history of bothy ballads; Davy Marshall, a champion moothie player, diddler and accordionist. Brothers Sandy & Andy Brown, fine fiddlers in the traditional style; housewife Christine Sturgeon a pianist and singer, nurse Agnes Brown, an accordion and moothie player and Morag McDicken and Helen Sloan both fine singers of Scots song. Brilliant Scots song and craic first recorded in the 1960s but still wonderful to hear.

This music on this CD was originally released by Thistle Records as "Welcome to a Bothy Nicht" with The Fife Yokels.

Disk 2: The Angus Cronies were ordinary folk from all walks of life ie. two housewives, two mechanics, a banker and a couple of shop owners, all from the Angus and Perthshire areas.  Bothy Ballads, a kind of sturdy native song has its roots in the soil, the hardy farmlands of North East Scotland. Rural life always creates a hardiness of spirit, a zest for life that is so often absent in the more pampered confines of urban society. Like the early cowboys of America, the farm-hands of North East Scotland inspired and cultivated much of this music. Before the First World War, the unmarried farm workers lived together in 'bothies', the Scottish counterparts of the US cowboy bunkhouses. Life was hard and earnest in such communities. Like the cowboys, these Scots workers had to make their own entertainment, far removed from that found in the fashionable drawing rooms of Edinburgh. The farm-hands entertained themselves, in days long before television with traditional folk songs, fiddle music and feats of skill and strength. They sang all sorts of couthy songs, even the tune of 'Scotland the Brave', though with different lyrics. Then when the bothies disappeared between the wars, they took with them the backbone of an old culture that had existed for centuries.

In the 1960s, Grampian Television introduced a 'Bothy Nichts' competition. It proved to be a highly popular programme and a winning formula for many years. The Angus Cronies were amongst many groups formed to compete in the competition.


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Disks / Tracks

Track Name Listen
1/1 Helen Sloan & Andrew Mayes - The Wee Cooper o' Fife
1/2 Davy Marshall - The Bonnie Toon o' Ayr
1/3 Agnes Brown (Box)- Lovat Scouts 7 Mrs MacLeod
1/4 Morag McDicken - Green Grow the Laurels
1/5 Sandy & Andy Brown - Ealr of Dalhousie & Da Tushkar
1/6 Andrew Mayes - The Ploughboy
1/7 Agnes Brown (moothie) - The Heelan' Waddin'
1/8 Jean Sutherland - The Kitchie Dame
1/9 Davy Marshall - Some Wee Stories
1/10 Davy Marshall - The Berry fields o' blair
1/11 Helen Sloan, Morag McDicken, Christine Sturgeon - My Ain Wee Hoose
1/12 Andrew Mayes - The Buchan Plooman
1/13 Davy Marshall (moothie) - The Legend of Scotland
1/14 Morag McDicken - The Tocherless Lass
1/15 The Company - There's a gey change there
1/16 Agnes Brown (Box)- The Lass of Bon Accord
1/17 Helen Sloan - The Auld Maid in a Garret
1/18 Sandy & Andy Brown - The Jolly Boys
1/19 Andrew Mayes, Davy Marshall & the Company - Twa Heids are Better than Yin.
2/1 The Company - Thrash
2/2 Ian MacGregor - The Buchan Plooman
2/3 Lyall Paterson - Neill Flacherty's Drake, Midlothian Pipe Band, Cock o' the North
2/4 Eleanor Birse - Auld Maid in a Garret
2/5 Mabel Balharry - Our Local Sale of Work
2/6 Ian MacGregor - The Ball o' Kirriemeer
2/7 Jim Sturrock - Cradle Song, Leaving Glen Urquhart, Mason's Apron
2/8 Graham Brown - Maggie Cockabendy
2/9 John Smith - Goat of the WRI
2/10 Catherine Allison - Sean Truibhas
2/11 Eleanor Birse - Bonnie Wee Trampin' Lass
2/12 Mabel Balharry - I Canna Get a Lad
2/13 Lyall Paterson - Braes of Brinauld, The 42nd, Scotland the Brave
2/14 John Smith & Graham Brown - Hame o Mine, Dandy (monologue)
2/15 Jim Sturrock - Hens March to the Midden, Mrs McLeod
2/16 The Company - Finale
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