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The New Generation
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The New Generation

by St. Rochs Ceili Band

Several of St. Roch's "older generation" have gone on to become well-known in traditional music: Stevie Campbell, Gerry Conlon, Lawrence McElhinney, Mark Maguire, Clare McLaughlin, John McCusker, Gavin Pennycook, to mention but a few. Others continue to play with local bands. Members of the band on this album have taken part individually and collectively for many years in All-Britain and All-Ireland competitions with many notable successes and both Celine Donohue and Kevin O'Neill reached the finals of the Young Scottish Traditional Musician of the Year Awards. St. Roch's Ceili Band have delighted audiences for many years with their infectous enthusiasm. Now sit back (if you can restrain yourself) and listen to The New Generation!

Piano: Kathleen Boyle
Drums: Colm Canning
Piano Accordion: Frank McArdle, Martina Callaghan, Erin Marletta, Laura Marletta
Button Accordeon: Patrick McNulty, Brian Canning, Patrick Callaghan, Martin Hunter
Concertina: Kevin O’Neill, Colette O’Neill, Catriona McArdle
Banjo: Celine Donoghue
Fiddle: Johnny Canning, Katy Boyle, Eleanor Keane, Jennifer McGarvey, Erin Toal, Louise Hunter,  Moya Canning, Eileen McArdle, John Wright, Fergus McKendry, Christina Smith
Flute: Mairead McManus, Sioban McAuley, Julia Reid, Peter Webster, Roisin McNulty, Danny Boyle, Connail Scanlon

Demonstrating their versatility, additional contributions come from Colm Canning (moothie), Julia Reid (bodhran & bouzoukie), Moya Canning (harp), Kevin O’Neill (drums & flute) Peter Webster (guitar), Kathleen Boyle (synthesiser)



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Disks / Tracks

Track Name Listen
1/1 Marches
1/2 Reels
1/3 Fiddle solo (Johnny Canning)
1/4 Jigs
1/5 Reels
1/6 Song (Siobhan McAuley)
1/7 Reels
1/8 Jigs
1/9 Banjo Solo (Celine Donoghue)
1/10 Hornpipes
1/11 Jigs
1/12 Flute Solo (Kevin O'Neill)
1/13 Reels
1/14 Jigs
1/15 Grupa Cheoil
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