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Scottish Psalms and Paraphrases - Dunfermline Abbey Choir
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Scottish Psalms and Paraphrases - Dunfermline Abbey Choir

An uplifiting CD of Scottish Psalms and Paraphrase Introductions by Rev Stewart MacPherson, Minister at Dunfermline Abbey at the time of the original recording.  Includes the 'Martyrs psalm' played on the Carillon (bells). This psalm was mentioned by Robert Burns in his poems The Cottars Saturday Night and The Rowan Tree. Also, the magnificent  'Auld 100th' - All people that on earth do dwell.  The choir is conducted by Andrew Armstrong, 'Maister o the Sang-schule'.

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Disks / Tracks

Track Name Listen
1/1 Dunfermline played on carillon and intro by Rev Stewart MacPherson 1:52
1/2 Psalm 106 vv 1-5 Dunfermline Give praise and thanks 2:18
1/3 Psalm 124 (second version) Old 124th Now Israel may say 4:30
1/4 Psalm 103 vv 1-5 Coleshill O thou my soul 2:52
1/5 Psalm 24 vv 7-10 St George’s, Edinburgh Ye gates lift up 3:20
1/6 Psalm 102 (second version) vv 13-17 Duke Street Thou shalt arise 1:36
1/7 Psalm 43 vv 3-5 Martyrs O send Thy light forth 2:26
1/8 Psalm 121 French I to the hills plus refrain on carillon 3:06
1/9 Martyrs played on carillon 1:29
1/10 Paraphrase 2 Salzburg O God of Bethel 3:08
1/11 Paraphrase 30 Kilmarnock Come let us to the Lord our God 2:43
1/12 Paraphrase 18 vv 1-3, 7 Glasgow Behold the mountain of the Lord 2:11
1/13 Paraphrase 54 Jackson I’m not ashamed to own my Lord 1:58
1/14 Paraphrase 48 vv 5-9 St Andrew The Saviour died but rose again 2:55
1/15 Psalm 100 (first version) Old 100th All people that on earth 2:48
1/16 Kilmarnock played on carillon 0:58
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