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The Splashing Rock of Melness
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The Splashing Rock of Melness

by Lee MacKay

"The CD, The Splashing Rock of Melness, is also the name of the first tune on the first track. Composed by Lee when he was only eleven years old, it was penned at the request of Billy Farquhar, admired coxwain of Thurso lifeboat until he retired in 2002. Another notable Mackay tune on the CD is Linda’s Waltz, composed in honour of Lee’s mother. The CD was produced, recorded and manufactured by his most recent teacher, box and fiddle expert, Addie Harper Junior of Wick.

Other excellent, recent compositions include the march, The Centenary Jewel (or Seud na Ceud Bliadhna, as it is known in Gaelic) by Phil Cunningham, two cracking tunes from Blair Douglas, The Skye Glen Waltz and Kate Martin’s Waltz, and that tasty Fergie MacDonald morsel, the Jig Runrig.

But it’s not in with the new and out with the old in this compilation. If I also mention a track with classic two two-fours, Captain Carswell and Mrs HL MacDonald of Dunach (ready-made for the Canadian Barn Dance or Baden Powell) and a reel-time set of Mrs MacLeod of Raasay, Nathanial Gow’s Fairy Dance, The Reconciliation and the challenging High Level Hornpipe by James Hill, you get the flavour. The ever-fresh Fairy Dance includes Scott Skinner’s variations, not all, but all those playable on an accordion.

My favourite is the fourth track comprising The Jig Runrig, Maureen’s Jig and Calliope House. It is catchy, the tunes perfectly matched (a dying art) and the playing fluent and musical. And it is guaranteed to set the toes tapping....."  from a review by Donald  MacLeod in   December 06.

Musicians - Lee Mackay: 72 bass & 120 bass Borsini accordions. Addie Harper Jnr: 2nd box, guitar, keyboard. Grant Lyall: drums. Lucien Desharnais: steel guitar



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Disks / Tracks

Track Name Listen
1/1 Canadian Barn Dance - The Splashing Rock of Melness, Fraser & Kevin MacGlynn
1/2 Reels
1/3 Waltzes - The Skye Glen, Kate Martin's Waltz
1/4 Jigs
1/5 Canadian Barn Dance - P/M Jim Christie of Wick, Sprig of Ivy
1/6 Waltz - Linda's Waltz
1/7 Jig - Moving Molecules
1/8 Shetland Reels
1/9 Canadian Barn Dance
1/10 Waltz - Farwell Queen Mother Lifeboat
1/11 Strathspey & Reel
1/12 Jigs
1/13 Canadian Barn Dance
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