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Back to Barra
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Back to Barra

by Compilation

The Barra Hospice Appeal has been set up to raise funds to support the development, construction and ongoing running costs of a hospice to be situated at Castlebay on the island of Barra in the Western Isles of Scotland. Two years ago  a number of good hearted Scottish musicians and singers agreed to contribute their work towards a fund-raising album in support of this very worthwhile cause - the prime movers in the initial stages were: Donny MacNeil (The Vatersay Boys), Mick Macneil (ex Simple Minds keys) and Roddy Campbell (singer and piper). Soon they were joined by such notables as Catherine-Ann MacPhee and Karen Matheson as well as a host of other extremely talented singers and players. The album was released in 2005 with the sole purpose of raising funds for the Barra Hospice Appeal.

Back to Barra is a rich compilation of some 17 tracks featuring the best music the Gaelic world has to offer, vocally or instrumentally. With such a wide variety of sounds and moods its awareness of past musical norms is balanced by the youthful vigour of folk-rock and pop influences, reflecting the fact that Gaelic music, like every other form of music, does not remain static, but moves with the times.

Artists are: Roddy Campbell, Coma-Co-Dhuibh , Karen Matheson, Catriona and Lisa MacKinnon, Maggie MacInnes, Clo nan Nighean, Archie MacLean, Catherine Anne MacPhee, Marianne Campbell, Rory Campbell, Flora MacNeil, Murdo Macdonald, Chrissie MacDonald, The Vatersay boys, Maeve MacKinnon.

Instrumental support is provided by Neil Johnstone (cello), Roddy Campbell (whistle, flute), ex-Simple Minds Mick MacNeil (accordion, keyboard), Donnie MacNeil (percussion) and Lisa MacKinnon (clarsach).

Includes a Special Bonus pc video version of Track 17 Thid Mi Barraigh bringing the glorious scenery of the Western Isles to your computer screen while you listen to the song.

All the artists have donated their talents towards the Hospice appeal.


Customer Reviews

Back to Barra
Title: Back to Barra
Name: chris
Review: After living and working both in Barra and Vatersay for 20 years I was delighted when my husband bought this cd it is like being back in Northbay Hall and makes me feel rather home sick.  Good luck with the hospice.
Polished, yet genuine.
Nìall Beag
Title: Polished, yet genuine.
Name: Nìall Beag
Review: The first thing that struck me when I put this CD in the player was the exceptional production quality. On the songs recorded specifically for the album, the production team have seemlessly layered various instruments and effects without falling into the traps of overprocessing the vocals or discarding the traditional instruments in favour of purely electric music. This CD very nearly passes as a true album, but there are a few disjunctions that pick it out as a "collection": There seems to be an assumption that a waulking song is obligatory on any Gaelic collection, and Back To Barra doesn't disappoint: track 6 is a local song O 's Fhada Bhuainn Anna, and track 16 is another waulking song Luatha siubhal Beinne Dhomh. However, the very raw sound seems slightly jarring against the polish of the multitracked songs. By contrast, Catherine Anne-MacPhee's 'S Fliuch an Oidhche manages to sit perfectly in the collection, despite being an a capella solo. Although most of the tracks are unique
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Disks / Tracks

Track Name Listen
1/1 Roddy Campbell: Peigi Ghordain
1/2 Coma-Co-Dhuibh: Rubh' nan Cudaigean
1/3 Karen Matheson: An Fhideag Airgid
1/4 Catriona & Lisa MacKinnon: Bothan Airigh am Bhuainn Raineach
1/5 Maggie McInness: Dh'fhalbh mo Run
1/6 Clo nan Nighean: O's Fhada Bhuainn Anna
1/7 Archie MacLean: Gruagach Og an Fhuilt Bhain
1/8 Catherine-Ann MacPhee: 'SFluich an Oidhche
1/9 Marianne, Rory & Roddy Campbell: Campbell Ceilidh
1/10 Flora MacNeil: A'Bhean Chomainn
1/11 Murdo MacDonald: A Pheigi a Ghraidh
1/12 Coma-Co-Dhuibh: 'S Olc a dh'Fhag an Uiridh Mi
1/13 Chrissie MacDonald: Cruinneag na Buaile
1/14 The Vatersay Boys: Barn Dance
1/15 Maeve MacKinnon: Ailean Duinn
1/16 Clo nan Nighean: Latha siubhal Beinne Dhomh
1/17 Roddy Campbell: Theid mi Bharraigh
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