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Monthly news summary of all the happenings and up and coming events in the Scottish Traditional Music scene.

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Colin Dewar - Special Requests Volume 8
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Colin Dewar - Special Requests Volume 8

by Colin Dewar Scottish Dance Band

 Colin Dewar - Special Requests Volume 8: Colin Dewar and his band are in great demand for ceilidhs and dances. Here they are again with more special requests and great dancing sets  for the Scottish Country Dance scene.

The band are: Colin Dewar - Lead Accordion; Jack Delaney - 2nd accordion; Judi Nicolson - fiddle; Gus Millar - drums; Stephan Provan - keyboard


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Disks / Tracks

Track Name Listen
1/1 Warm up March
1/2 Warm up Waltz
1/3 Mrs Stuart Linnell 8x40 Reel
1/4 The Duchess Tree 8x32 Strathspey
1/5 Muirland Willie 8x32 Jig
1/6 The Midnight Ferry 4x40 Reel
1/7 Tribute to Drummond Cook 4x32 Strathspey
1/8 A Tribute to the Borders 8x32 Jig
1/9 The Minister on the Loch 3x32 Strathspey
1/10 Aird of Coigach 4x48 Jig
1/11 A Reel for Davina 4x32 Reel
1/12 Anne Sheachs strathspey 3x32 Strathspey
1/13 The Ravens Dance 8x32 Jig
1/14 The Outer Circle 8x48 Reel
1/15 The Shepherds Crook 1x72 Strathspey
1/16 The Lochalsh Reel 8x40 Reel
1/17 Never at Sea 3x48 Reel
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